The Secret Scripture - Sebastian Barry

Roseanne McNulty, neé Clear, is 100 years old and has lived in mental asylums for some 60 years. Yet on the evidence of the memoirs she records in The Secret Scripture (Viking, $24.95), there is nothing wrong with her mind. Rather, due to several misjudgments earlier in her life—errors that, had they not happened in an Ireland rife with sectarian conflict, anger, and long memories, would have been minor—she earned the enmity of the town’s powerful Catholic priest. As Sebastian Barry, the accomplished Irish playwright and novelist, tells her story, it becomes also the story of her doctor, connected to her in ways she can’t begin to guess, and of a once deeply divided Ireland. Barry’s strong plotting and complex characters combine to make for realistic and compelling psychological suspense. Short-listed for the Booker prize.

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ISBN: 9780143115694
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Published: Penguin Books - April 28th, 2009

Friendly Fire: A Duet - Abraham B. Yehoshua

Nobody writes about the unique intimacy of a loving marriage the way the Israeli writer A. B. Yehoshua does. Maybe the subject works in his fiction because sweet domesticity is less cloying against a backdrop of history rife with life-and-death events. In Friendly Fire (Harcourt, $26), Daniella has left her loving husband Amotz at home in Israel while she visits her brother-in-law Yirmiyahu to mourn her sister’s death. Yirmi is acting as the financial manager for an all-African anthropological team in northern Tanzania. The book alternates between Daniella in Africa and Amotz, who deals with his octogenarian father and the grandchildren. “Friendly fire” is what killed her sister’s son, and Yehoshua probes the sorrow of the incident and the corrosive effect it had on the parents’ marriage. Perhaps “friendly fire” also refers to the Hanukkah candles, since the action takes place during the eight days of Hanukkah.

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ISBN: 9780547247854
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Published: HarperVia - November 11th, 2009

The White Tiger - Aravind Adiga

Every few years the Booker Prize panel chooses an unexpected winner. With The White Tiger (Simon & Schuster, $14, paper; $24, hardcover), business-journalist-turned-novelist Aravind Adiga offers an unconventional get-rich-quick manual and guide to liberating the mind for the politically and economically oppressed lower-caste of India; his narrator’s insights are the ultimate appeal of this darkly honest tale of a self-made man. Born impoverished and therefore hungry, Balram Halwai has an eye for observing society and an ear for gossip, and he uses his resourcefulness to educate himself about the world and elevate himself in Indian business. Shrewdly sycophantic and connivingly opportunistic, Balram twists his way through corrupt and caste-driven Delhi. Is he amoral or merely adaptive in his quest for mental and economic freedom? Aravind Adiga offers a beguilingly seductive anti-hero for this new century of globalization.

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ISBN: 9781416562603
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Published: Free Press - October 14th, 2008