Light -- M John Harrison

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 Light is a novel about three individuals slowly calcifying into crushing, existential pain and meaninglessness. Their only hope is an unknown force that lurks in the wild of the Kefahuchi Tract, a reality-defying and endlessly pillaged reliquary in space home to the detritus of a trillion exhausted civilizations. A change that obliterates: but also one that saves? Light is SF as existentialism, and while sometimes indulgent, I'd count it among one of my favorite books.




Light: A Novel (Kefahuchi Tract #1) By M. John Harrison Cover Image
ISBN: 9780553382952
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Published: Spectra - August 31st, 2004

Beastars, Vol. 1 -- Paru Itagaki

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How do you describe something like Beastars? An award-winning comic from Japan, it's what you'd get if you mashed together Zootopia and Heathers. But it's also a romantic comedy, a crime story, and an obsessively detailed portrait of a society of animals struggling to control their urges. And this is just the first volume! Before the anime adaptation airs in a few months, now's the best time to hop on this bizarre but heartfelt comic. 



BEASTARS, Vol. 1 By Paru Itagaki Cover Image
ISBN: 9781974707980
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Published: VIZ Media LLC - July 16th, 2019

The Game of Kings -- Dorothy Dunnett

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Decades before Game of Thrones shook the fantasy genre in the 90s, Dorothy Dunnett was writing exciting and ambitious historical fiction set in the Renaissance era: starring her first creation and one of the great bad boys of the genre, Francis Crawford of Lymond. In the first of these books, The Game of Kings, Lymond returns to his homeland of Scotland and sets his mother's castle on fire. Why would he do this? Is he a traitor to his country or a secret bleeding-heart patriot? Sword duels, heart-rending melodrama and copious amounts of period detail await you in this series, a perennial favorite of authors ranging from George R. R. Martin to Ellen Kushner to Joanna Bourne.

The Game of Kings: Book One in the Legendary Lymond Chronicles By Dorothy Dunnett, Dorothy Dunnett Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525565246
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Published: Vintage - May 14th, 2019