Leaving the Atocha Station - Ben Lerner

This is a brilliant novel about a poet who acquires a fellowship in Spain on false pretenses. The protagonist, Adam Gordon, manages to roll his insecurities and incapacities into a "project" that is intelligent, hilarious and moving.

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ISBN: 9781566892742
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Published: Coffee House Press - August 23rd, 2011

Charles Dickens - Michael Slater

To read Michael Slater’s new biography of Charles Dickens (Yale Univ., $35) is to feel distinctly lazy. Like the steam-powered empire of which London was the heart, Dickens’s writing life was a marvel of industry and innovation.  Sometimes working on one novel in the morning and another in the afternoon, in a desperate sprint to turn in installments ahead of printers’ deadlines, he made time to found several periodicals, propitiate his publishers, spearhead social campaigns, and produce increasingly elaborate theatricals.  His letters, which Slater quotes generously, demonstrate that Dickens found time for elaborate comic conceits and raillery (pretending to be desperately in love with a young Queen Victoria, for instance), as well as providing advice and practical assistance to less established writers, including a young Edgar Allan Poe. Slater also offers new insights about how a keen sense of childhood neglect shaped all of Dickens’s relationships, the most passionate and enduring of which was with the reading public he helped to create.

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ISBN: 9780300170931
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Published: Yale University Press - May 31st, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution - Richard Dawkins

Rarely have man and mission been more suited than Richard Dawkins and evangelizing for evolution.  The explanatory germ of the Darwinian idea is so simple and powerful it demands to be shouted from the rooftops.  Yet its ramifications are so extensive, intricate, and sometimes paradoxical, that a kind of rigorous but joyful empiricism is called for to suss them out. Dawkins is the master scientific explicator of our time, but he is worried.  The Greatest Show On Earth (Free Press, $30) is a fusillade of illustration, argument, and rebuttal directed against “the history deniers,” that sizable faction of our polity dumb to the majesty and sheer, comprehensive veracity of the story of life.  Dawkins’s tremendous fluency of analogy convinces and informs us of the evidence for evolution, rather than merely popularizing it. In this respect, he is a worthy heir of Darwin himself.

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ISBN: 9781416594796
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Published: Free Press - August 24th, 2010