The Great War and Modern Memory - Paul Fussell

Paul Fussell’s The Great War and Modern Memory is about the British army on the Western Front. It is about what these men read, wrote and suffered. Their boredom and agony at Paschendale, Ypres and the Somme endures in the fault lines of our cultural categories and the sinews of our language. I learned what a truly great work of scholarship can be from this book. Fussell reads the canon of First World War poetry alongside the innumerable letters, memoirs and other unpublished manuscripts of the Imperial War Museum’s collection. The Great War and Modern Memory is more than thorough, it is intellectually and methodologically intrepid: a deft mixture of literary and cultural criticism and historical investigation in the widest sense. Fussell insight is double and archeological: resurrecting the vanished, innocent prewar certainties and finding the trench mud smeared on our modern preoccupations.

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ISBN: 9780195133325
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Published: Oxford University Press, USA - March 1st, 2000

The Spanish Civil War: A Very Short Introduction - Helen Graham

The Spanish Civil War is the fulcrum of twentieth century political history. The short, tragic life of the Spanish Republic exerts a hold on the imagination beyond the scope of the conflict and the scale of the bloodletting. It ramifies through Auden, Orwell and Hemingway, the Clash, down to Pan’s Labyrinth. The war was a clash of ideologies and nations, but Helen Graham’s scholarly, ethically-attuned recapitulation is capable of illuminating with a few strokes the individuals in its throes, like Oliver Law, the black commander of the Abraham Lincoln brigade—American republican sympathizers who, in Auden’s words, “came to present their lives.”

The Spanish Civil War: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) By Helen Graham Cover Image
ISBN: 9780192803771
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Published: Oxford University Press, USA - June 23rd, 2005

Remainder - Tom Mccarthy

The Remainder is a hilariously and disquietingly successful experimental novel about an everyman hit by a piece of secret space junk. As a result he comes into an astronomical financial settlement but loses almost entirely the capacity for authentic experiences. With his vast wealth and terrifyingly resourceful fixer, Naz, he sets about recreating the few moments in his life when he felt present. It is a quest that requires engaging troops of actors, animal wranglers, pianists and architects to recreate, with autistic attention to detail, every particular of a moment of quiet contemplation. The Remainder is, improbably, a wickedly funny novel profoundly engaged with 20th century philosophy.

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ISBN: 9780307278357
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Published: Vintage - February 13th, 2007