FOOTBALL DEBATE with Steve Almond and Gregg Easterbrook

September 27, 2014

Steve Almond and Gregg Easterbrook spoke about their books and the emerging debate over football in American culture at Politics & Prose on Saturday September 27, 2014.

Gridiron football is the king of sports – it’s the biggest game in the strongest and richest country in the world. In The King of Sports, Easterbrook tells the full story of how football became so deeply ingrained in American culture. Both good and bad, he examines its impact on American society.


Against Football: One Fan's Reluctant Manifesto By Steve Almond Cover Image
ISBN: 9781612194912
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Published: Melville House - August 18th, 2015

The King of Sports: Why Football Must Be Reformed By Gregg Easterbrook Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250012609
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Published: St. Martin's Griffin - September 30th, 2014


July 29, 2014

David Grimm spoke about his book, Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs, at Politics & Prose on Tuesday July 29, 2014.

In this fascinating exploration of the changing status of dogs and cats in society, pet lover and award-winning journalist David Grimm explores the rich and surprising history of our favorite companion animals. He treks the long and often torturous path from their wild origins to their dark days in the middle ages to their current standing as the most valued animals on Earth. As he travels across the country--riding along with Los Angeles detectives as they investigate animal cruelty cases, touring the devastation of New Orleans in search of the orphaned pets of Hurricane Katrina, and coming face-to-face with wolves and feral cats--Grimm reveals the changing social attitudes that have turned pets into family members, and the remarkable laws and court cases that have elevated them to quasi citizens.

Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs By David Grimm Cover Image
ISBN: 9781610395502
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Published: PublicAffairs - June 23rd, 2015


July 23, 2014

Eric Liu spoke about his book, A Chinaman's Chance: One Family's Journey and the Chinese American Dream, at Politics & Prose on Wednesday July 23, 2014.

In many ways, Chinese Americans today are exemplars of the American Dream: during a crowded century and a half, this community has gone from indentured servitude, second-class status and outright exclusion to economic and social integration and achievement. But this narrative obscures too much: the Chinese Americans still left behind, the erosion of the American Dream in general, the emergence--perhaps--of a Chinese Dream, and how other Americans will look at their countrymen of Chinese descent if China and America ever become adversaries. As Chinese Americans reconcile competing beliefs about what constitutes success, virtue, power, and purpose, they hold a mirror up to their country in a time of deep flux. In searching, often personal essays that range from the meaning of Confucius to the role of Chinese Americans in shaping how we read the Constitution to why he hates the hyphen in "Chinese-American," Eric Liu pieces together a sense of the Chinese American identity in these auspicious years for both countries. He considers his own public career in American media and government; his daughter's efforts to hold and release aspects of her Chinese inheritance; and the still-recent history that made anyone Chinese in America seem foreign and disloyal until proven otherwise. Provocative, often playful but always thoughtful, Liu breaks down his vast subject into bite-sized chunks, along the way providing insights into universal matters: identity, nationalism, family, and more.

A Chinaman's Chance: One Family's Journey and the Chinese American Dream By Eric Liu Cover Image
ISBN: 9781610396301
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Published: PublicAffairs - February 23rd, 2016