Falling Out of Time - David Grossman

Falling Out of Time (Knopf, $24.95) unfolds somewhere between folk tale, Greek tragedy, and a brilliant and innovative novel.  Its structure, too, is multifaceted, with elements of prose, poetry, and drama combining for a narrative about strength and despair in the face of the loss of a child.  The odd, eclectic characters that populate these pages—mothers, fathers, a net mender, a midwife, a chronicler, a centaur—also inhabit a liminal region somewhere between the present and the past.  Though they must continue to live their daily lives, these characters cling to the past, the only place where the child still lives.  David Grossman, author of To the End of the Land, movingly explores the territory of mourning and the complex passage through grief.  His language (translated from the Hebrew by Jessica Cohen) is by turns haunting, funny, and insightful; it intensifies, dissolves, and then resolves as the story progresses.  Frequently, I found myself reading pages aloud; you’ll want to do the same.

Falling Out of Time (Vintage International) By David Grossman Cover Image
ISBN: 9780345805850
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Published: Vintage - December 2nd, 2014

My Education - Susan Choi

In Susan Choi’s fourth work of fiction, Regina recounts the lessons she learned outside of class. My Education (Penguin, $16) starts with the twenty-one-year-old graduate student enrolling in a course taught by the magnetic, roguish, English Professor, Nicholas Brodeur, whose non-academic reputation precedes him. Hoping to learn more about him, Regina soon manages to become his graduate assistant. Choi lays the ground for a classic naïve student/older professor affair, but Regina instead falls in love with Brodeuer’s wife, Martha.  The women embark on a reckless, passionate relationship that threatens to overtake not only Regina’s education, but her very life and sense of self. Yet as Regina gets more obsessed with Martha—a process Choi evokes with vivid and steamy detail—she loses perspective of what love means. It ‘s not until fifteen years later, when she looks back to tell the story, that Regina fully understands what she experienced—and learned—with Martha.

My Education: A Novel By Susan Choi Cover Image
ISBN: 9780143125570
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Published: Penguin Books - May 27th, 2014

The Blood of Heaven - Kent Wascom

The protagonist of Kent Wascom’s impressive debut historical novel The Blood of Heaven (Grove, $16) is Angel Woolsack, orphan son of a roving “preacher-father” who believes sucking on coals is the only proper penance for one’s transgressions. As Angel grows up he discovers—along with his brothers-in-crime Samuel and Reuben—that he has as much talent for raising hell as he does for proselytizing against it. Together they attempt to carve out their own chunk of West Florida territory much as a butcher carves meat. Forget what your history books taught you—Wascom’s anarchic vision of America’s tumultuous adolescence is one of Manifest Destiny by any means necessary, be it genocide, enslavement, pillage, or preaching. The Blood of Heaven contains all the energy of a tent revival, the suspense of a midnight raid, and the heady, intoxicating speechifying of a poet on pay-day for a thrilling read that puts us face-to-face with our early outlaw past.

The Blood of Heaven By Kent Wascom Cover Image
ISBN: 9780802121196
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Published: Grove Press - June 10th, 2014