All the Secrets of the World, by Steve Almond

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Like a Disneyland rollercoaster, this literary thriller twists and turns, combining heart-stopping suspense with a stunning view of California in the early 1980s. Whipsmart Lorena Saenz keeps her head down at high school, but when she’s paired with astrology fan Jenny Stallworth for a science project, events are set in motion that test her to unimaginable extremes. A resourceful heroine with a fatal attraction to scorpions (and Jenny’s dad), Saenz makes readers wish they weren’t turning pages so damn fast to find out what will happen next. This is that rare tale that works as hard on the nerves as it does on the brain cells. Enormously satisfying! 

All the Secrets of the World By Steve Almond Cover Image
ISBN: 9781638930020
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Published: Zando - May 3rd, 2022

The Man Who Fell to Earth, by Walter Tevis

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Thomas Jerome Newton walks out of the Kentucky wilderness looking like something not entirely of this world. Like a contemporary Musk or Bezos, this tall, thin enigma introduces tech that builds a rocket to the stars and changes modern life. However, while Newton reaps all the earthly rewards, the planet is slowly killing him--just as it did one of his predecessors nearly 2000 years before. Set in a shadowy America filled with mistrust and prone to all manner of addictive temptations, this 1963 parable by the author of The Hustler and The Queen’s Gambit uses scifi to portray the (in)human condition in a way that is as awe inspiring as it is tragic.

The Man Who Fell to Earth By Walter Tevis Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593467473
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Published: Vintage - May 10th, 2022

The Dead Letter, by Seeley Regester

Staff Pick

This has everything you might want from a Victorian mystery: heaps of Hudson Valley atmosphere, a body by the side of the road, a fiancee who dons the widow's weeds, a simmering love triangle, an eccentric detective, and even a clairvoyant assistant. Then--there's a silver mine! That's in part because the book was published in 1866, and is considered the first full-length American detective novel. Regester, a pseudonym for dime-store novelist Metta Victoria Fuller, has a nifty way of pulling the rug out from under readers while making them reach for a handkerchief to wipe away a tear or two. Few contemporary mysteries offer so much gusto.. 

The Dead Letter (Library of Congress Crime Classics) By Seeley Regester, Leslie S. Klinger (Editor) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781464214974
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Published: Poisoned Pen Press - June 15th, 2021