Dialogue with a Somnambulist, by Chloe Aridjis

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Made up of stories, essays, and, most telling, portraits of people who defy the spaces meant to confine them, this collection of fiction and nonfiction describes and embodies the liminal point where truth and its many mirrors meet. Here a wax man walks, lucha libre becomes baroque art, and two sisters grasp each other as bullets fly above them on a night that warms in memory because it marked a time before the city--and the siblings--changed. Traversing time, countries, and categories, this collection is as surreal as it is real--making an art in and of itself.


Dialogue with a Somnambulist: A Novel By Chloe Aridjis Cover Image
ISBN: 9781646221820
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Published: Catapult - August 29th, 2023

We Are a Haunting, by Tyriek White

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Lyrical, mesmerizing, and poignant, this debut novel jumps between two timelines to tell the parallel stories of a mother and son, along with those of the family, friends, and neighbors--dead and alive--who orbit them. As the narratives unfold their similarities and differences, White maps a changing landscape of poverty, gentrification, storms, and the tolls these take, all the while showing how grief and intergenerational pain threaten to untether us and turn life into abstractions. This fiction works like the steady drip of water, opening a canyon inside your heart.





We Are a Haunting: A Novel By Tyriek White Cover Image
ISBN: 9781662601712
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Published: Astra House - April 25th, 2023

The Easy Life, by Marguerite Duras

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Characterized by graceful prose and difficult subject matter, Duras's novel is a lovely and dark existential meditation. Underscored by three deaths, the fiction centers on a narrator who, though detached emotionally from those around her, is deeply attuned to their movements. Through acute observations and vivid descriptions, Duras takes us into her character's inner landscape; we wander the country- and seaside along with her thoughts, which, for the most part, inhabit the space between childhood and adulthood. As with winter's bright sunshine,  there’s a cold clarity to the woman's disconnection, search for meaning, and introspection, one accompanied by deep bouts of depression--which Duras conveys with a light hand, filling what could have been a brutal thriller with language that shouldn’t feel quite as lovely as it does.




The Easy Life By Marguerite Duras, Kate Zambreno (Foreword by), Emma Ramadan (Translated by), Olivia Baes (Translated by) Cover Image
By Marguerite Duras, Kate Zambreno (Foreword by), Emma Ramadan (Translated by), Olivia Baes (Translated by)
ISBN: 9781635578515
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Published: Bloomsbury Publishing - December 6th, 2022