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A genre-defying work of auto-fiction, Zambreno's Drifts follows the musings and observations of an unnamed narrator as she spends her days "folding time into a book" to maximize her experience of ordinary life--or merely to avoid working on her novel. Guided by the likes of Rilke, Lispector, and Dürer, Zambreno's protagonist lets her writing languish, but Zambreno draws on her own creative history to portray the restless energy of artistic pursuit, including the concomitant struggle with nothingness.                                                             

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ISBN: 9780593087237
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Published: Riverhead Books - May 18th, 2021

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In prose as precise as it is lyrical, Addonia tells the story of an exiled community that attempts to make a new home in a Sudanese refugee camp. At the foreground of this tale are siblings Saba and Hagos, whose identities seem interchangeable, with the mute Hagos being the “girl their mother had always wanted,” while Saba adopts more traditionally masculine traits. These blurred gender roles collide with social expectatons, but, as the siblings hold tight to each other against a background of oppression, abuse, and poverty, gradually transcend the conditions that threaten to suffocate them.


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ISBN: 9781644450338
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Published: Graywolf Press - September 8th, 2020

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Sestanovich's richly observed stories give us both the quiet wonders of seemingly ordinary moments and the broader outlines of womanhood in modern life. Focusing on women's inner lives, and particularly on the characters' longings, Sestanovich sensitively portrays sexual desire, but also explores a less easily articulated longing for more, one often punctuated by a sense of ennui. Through a combination of nuanced and sophisticated prose and abrupt endings, Sestanovich has crafted short fictions with a lasting emotional effect, giving us the sense that we were merely eavesdropping on these women's lives.


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ISBN: 9780593318096
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Published: Knopf - June 29th, 2021