The Secret Wisdom of Nature -- Peter Wohlleben

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In The Secret Wisdom of Nature, natural storyteller Peter Wohlleben takes readers on a heartfelt, personal and thought-provoking exploration of the vast natural systems that make life on Earth possible. By introducing us to the latest scientific discoveries and telling his own insights from decades of observing nature, one of the world’s most renowned foresters shows us how to recapture our sense of awe so we can see the world around us with completely new eyes. This is a book we’ve needed for a long time. Don’t miss it.  

The Secret Wisdom of Nature: Trees, Animals, and the Extraordinary Balance of All Living Things --- Stories from Science and Observation By Peter Wohlleben, Jane Billinghurst (Translator) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781771643887
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Published: Greystone Books - March 5th, 2019

The Photographer in the Garden by Jamie M. Allen and Sarah Anne McNear

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The Photographer in the Garden (Aperture, $50), co-written by Jamie M. Allen and Sarah Anne McNear, explores how the art of photography adopted the theme of gardens and suggests how the photographer is a kind of gardener seeking the beauty of a perfect composition. The book explains how successful photography incorporates a love of the subject and how black-and-white images shift attention to structures, forms, and textures. The volume displays the work of myriad botanists, sculptors, artists, and photographers as diverse as Anna Atkins, the first botanist/photographer to publish a book with photographic images; Karl Blossfeldt, an artist and photographer inspired by nature and the ways in which plants grow; and Edward Steichen, who famously said that he “knew that trees and plants have roots, stems and branches [and] reach up to the light,” but had to learn “that the magician was the light itself.” This elegant and radiant book is a noteworthy gift for the art and nature lover.

The Photographer in the Garden By Jamie M. Allen, Sarah Anne McNear Cover Image
ISBN: 9781597113731
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Published: Aperture - April 15th, 2018

How Plants Work: Form, Diversity, Survival by Stephen Blackmore

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Richly illustrated with over four hundred color images, How Plants Work: Form, Diversity, Survival (Princeton, $35) is an informative account and a celebration of the complex world of plants. And just as medical practitioners specialize in different parts of the human body, botanist and professor Stephen Blackmore focuses on investigating specific organs and processes in plants. Each section of the book emphases how “deceptively simple” plants are in that they are constructed from very familiar organs: roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and cones. But the keynote of the book is its exploration of the diversity of each major organ in order to lay out the plants’ life cycles and reproduction. Blackmore also wants us to be conscious of the role plants play for humanity. He shares his passion for plants and hopes to attract people to look more closely at plants and to understand how diverse and how important they are for our future.

How Plants Work: Form, Diversity, Survival By Stephen Blackmore, Peter Crane (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Stephen Blackmore, Peter Crane (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9780691177496
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Published: Princeton University Press - October 9th, 2018