Limitless, by Jeanna Smialek

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Whether staving off total economic collapse during the 2008 financial meltdown, countering the shocks of the covid-19 pandemic, or, most recently, struggling to lower inflation, the Federal Reserve has taken its emergency powers to new lengths. Jeanna Smialek, who covers the Fed for The New York Times, describes this expanded activism and makes clear the result has been a fundamental change in the Fed’s purpose and function in America’s economy. In telling the story of how the U.S. central bank is wrestling to define itself in a changing world, Smialek not only recounts the inside debates, but provides revealing portraits of key players, among them current Fed chairman Jerome Powell. All in all, an engaging and informative narrative.

Limitless: The Federal Reserve Takes on a New Age of Crisis By Jeanna Smialek Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593320235
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Published: Knopf - February 28th, 2023

In the Nation's Service, by Philip Taubman

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George Shultz played a pivotal role in shaping economic and foreign policy in the late 20th century. He passed away two years ago at age 100 after distinguished careers in government, academia, and business. Philip Taubman, a former New York Times journalist, had access to Shultz’s papers for this revealing, comprehensive biography. Taubman makes clear we should care about Shultz not just for what he accomplished, but also for how. Shultz was, in Taubman’s words, a model of “quiet, effective leadership” and of public service characterized by “common sense, trust, a human touch, openness to new ideas and the muting of ideology, partisanship and histrionics.” But Taubman, in this deeply researched and insightful work, also details Shultz’s shortcomings, blind spots, and unflattering aspects.

In the Nation's Service: The Life and Times of George P. Shultz By Philip Taubman Cover Image
ISBN: 9781503631120
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Published: Stanford University Press - January 10th, 2023

Life on Delay, by John Hendrickson

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Despite the many stories journalists report, they rarely write one that genuinely changes their life. But that’s what happened to The Atlantic's  John Hendrickson, whose 2020 piece about then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s struggle with stuttering drew an enormous public response. Hendrickson went on to write Life on Delay about how his own stutter has shaped his life and relationships. The book is both a deeply personal account and an investigative exploration that includes interviews with Hendrickson’s family, former teachers, and therapists as well as with fellow stutterers and doctors who study speech disorders. It conveys the pain, terror, and shame the author has felt at times because of his impeded speech, and it gives welcome attention to a neurological disorder that affects an estimated 70 million people globally.

Life on Delay: Making Peace with a Stutter By John Hendrickson Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593319130
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Published: Knopf - January 17th, 2023