Age of Danger, by Andrew Hoehn and Thom Shanker

Staff Pick

Veteran journalist Thomas Shanker and former Pentagon official turned RAND executive Andy Hoehn team up to produce a very thoughtful and insightful book about what more can be done to ensure America is better protected. They begin by noting that although about $1.25 billion is currently spent on national security, the government often is stunned by events at home and abroad and fails to respond adequately. The authors argue that our national security system needs an overhaul—both to provide better intelligence and warnings and also to respond more effectively. Outlining some ways to achieve this, Shanker and Hoehn are very persuasive in making a case that hopefully will help bring about new strategies, processes, and institutional tools to deal with the challenges posed by China and Russia and such future threats as pandemics, cyber attacks, drones, and climate change.

Age of Danger: Keeping America Safe in an Era of New Superpowers, New Weapons, and New Threats By Andrew Hoehn, Thom Shanker Cover Image
ISBN: 9780306829109
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Published: Hachette Books - May 9th, 2023

Nine Black Robes, by Joan Biskupic

Staff Pick

Joan Biskupic, journalist and longtime chronicler of the Supreme Court, provides an inside look at the Court and its sharp lurch to the right. This conservative transformation has been underway for a while, but as Biskupic documents in extensive detail, it has gone into overdrive with the justices nominated and confirmed under Donald Trump. And the shift is having profound consequences for the country on a range of issues, from abortion and voting rights to government regulatory power and the separation of church and state. Nine Black Robes is fascinating and illuminating, comprehensive and even-handed. And no doubt many readers will find what it says about the Court’s current course very disturbing. Biskupic herself uses terms like “off the rails,” “going backward,” and “laying waste to precedents” in her blunt description of what’s happening.

Nine Black Robes: Inside the Supreme Court's Drive to the Right and Its Historic Consequences By Joan Biskupic Cover Image
ISBN: 9780063052789
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Published: William Morrow - April 4th, 2023

It .Goes. So. Fast, by Mary Louise Kelly

Staff Pick

Mary Louise Kelly, cohost of NPR’s All Things Considered, offers a very personal take on parenting. This memoir about raising two boys while also pursuing a demanding career isn’t just another book about finding the right work-life balance. Kelly knows how to tell a story and how to pull you along and keep you entertained and interested. She frames her book around the year before her oldest son goes off to college, a year in which she also loses her dad, turns 50, and the world emerges from a pandemic. Of course, you might ask, why would a parent, gripped by the realization that time is running out on having all her kids at home, take on the additional burden of writing a book? In a chapter titled “Sticking the Landing,” she explains she wanted to record and reckon with her choices while still living them. And indeed, with this book, she does stick the landing, with heart, frankness, humor, and insight.

It. Goes. So. Fast.: The Year of No Do-Overs By Mary Louise Kelly Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250859853
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Published: Henry Holt and Co. - April 11th, 2023