Rewriting illness, by Elizabeth Benedict

Staff Pick

This is a deeply moving and, given the subject, surprisingly entertaining memoir about Liz Benedict’s experience with cancer, which began after she suddenly discovered a lump in her armpit late one night in 2017. Benedict brings a veteran author’s crisp style and sense of detail and description to recounting going through something she—and many of the rest of us—have feared. She also tells her story with a good deal of humor and self-awareness and succeeds in making her very personal account resonate with universal meaning.

Rewriting Illness By Elizabeth Benedict Cover Image
ISBN: 9781942134916
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Published: Mandel Vilar Press - May 23rd, 2023

The Book of Charlie, by David Von Drehle

Staff Pick

A wonderful book that has its roots in a chance meeting when Washington Post columnist David von Drehle moved to Kansas City and encountered, living across the street, Dr. Charlie White, then 102 years old. White was an engaging teller of tales, and von Drehle, a skilled listener, recognized a great book in the long arc of White’s life that spanned more than a century of incredible change, invention, and disruption. White himself was a paragon of resilience and equanimity, someone who held fast to simple truths, which made him a natural role model. As von Drehle explains at the start of the book, he wrote it with his own four kids in mind, hoping they’d take some lessons from White’s life and incredible attitude. There’s certainly much for the rest of us, too, in this inspirational, lovingly crafted tale about an exemplary individual.

The Book of Charlie: Wisdom from the Remarkable American Life of a 109-Year-Old Man By David Von Drehle Cover Image
ISBN: 9781476773926
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Published: Simon & Schuster - May 23rd, 2023

Age of Danger, by Andrew Hoehn and Thom Shanker

Staff Pick

Veteran journalist Thomas Shanker and former Pentagon official turned RAND executive Andy Hoehn team up to produce a very thoughtful and insightful book about what more can be done to ensure America is better protected. They begin by noting that although about $1.25 billion is currently spent on national security, the government often is stunned by events at home and abroad and fails to respond adequately. The authors argue that our national security system needs an overhaul—both to provide better intelligence and warnings and also to respond more effectively. Outlining some ways to achieve this, Shanker and Hoehn are very persuasive in making a case that hopefully will help bring about new strategies, processes, and institutional tools to deal with the challenges posed by China and Russia and such future threats as pandemics, cyber attacks, drones, and climate change.

Age of Danger: Keeping America Safe in an Era of New Superpowers, New Weapons, and New Threats By Andrew Hoehn, Thom Shanker Cover Image
ISBN: 9780306829109
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Published: Hachette Books - May 9th, 2023