Translation State, by Ann Leckie

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Leckie follows her many award-winning novels with a sci-fi tale that's also a gripping mystery. Focusing on three characters from a vast cosmos, the narrative explores identity and relationships through the intersecting stories of Enae, the agender grandchild of a powerful family who inherits the task of finding a missing person--an endeavor that sends her down a rabbit hole; Reet, an orphaned loner with disturbingly inhuman thoughts and behaviors that hint at something darker; and Oven, the synthetic life-form who fights her way out of the hive that threatens to subsume her. Readers will be up late as this trio crashes together in a story spanning time, space, and genre.                                                                




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ISBN: 9780316289719
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Published: Orbit - June 6th, 2023

The Wall, by Marlen Haushofer

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First published in Germany in 1968, The Wall follows a woman who one morning realizes she is trapped alone behind an invisible barrier--and is evidently the last human left alive. Her “report” details her inner conflict as she tries to hang on to her humanity in a post-human world, while welcoming her unlooked-for freedom from the absurd, needless anxieties of civilization. Haushofer’s slow, deliberate prose and the narrative's long, continuous format perfectly match the rhythm of the narrator’s new life. In contrast to the pointlessly harried pace of existence pre-cataclysm, now the cycles of nature run their course, sorting and weeding out whatever isn’t necessary. The narrator details both that continual process as well as her reflections on the toll of humanity’s senseless brutality.

The Wall By Marlen Haushofer, Shaun Whiteside (Translated by), Claire Louise-Bennett (Afterword by) Cover Image
By Marlen Haushofer, Shaun Whiteside (Translated by), Claire Louise-Bennett (Afterword by)
ISBN: 9780811231947
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Published: New Directions - June 21st, 2022

Ascension, by Nicholas Binge

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When the world’s largest mountain suddenly appears in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, scientists, explorers, and the U.S. military rush to find out what's happening. Where did this land mass come from, and why did the last expedition to explore it end in a catastrophe of madness and death? As with so many planetary mysteries, the answers lie on the mountain's summit; thus this novel adds adventure to its already astrophysical mind trip of cosmic horror mixed with speculative mystery.





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ISBN: 9780593539583
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Published: Riverhead Books - April 25th, 2023