Castle Waiting - Linda Medley and Jane Yolen

What happens when Sleeping Beauty wakes up and decides that she’d rather live in Prince Charming’s castle? She impetuously rides off with him, leaving her three ladies in waiting and the bewildered townsfolk staring after her. Castle Waiting, written and illustrated by Linda Medley, tells the story of the motley group that makes a haven of the abandoned castle. There is Jain, a pregnant woman fleeing her husband; Destrier, a horse-headed knight; Rackham, a beaked bachelor merchant; Sister Peace, the bearded nun; and Prudence, Patience, and Plenty, Sleeping Beauty’s abandoned ladies-in-waiting. The book is full of adventure stories juxtaposed with domestic cares. The classic line drawings, wonderfully evocative and lighthearted, suit the story perfectly. It is sprinkled with subtle references to the Grimms and Andersen but is very much its own charming, quirky tale.

Castle Waiting By Linda Medley, Jane Yolen (Introduction by) Cover Image
By Linda Medley, Jane Yolen (Introduction by)
ISBN: 9781606996027
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Published: Fantagraphics - January 18th, 2013

Joe the Barbarian - Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy

Joe the Barbarian, from the creative partnership of Grant Morrison (Supergods) and Sean Murphy (Off Road), reads like the fever dream of a kid from The Goonies who has been home sick all day reading Gulliver's Travels. It tells the tale of Joe, a diabetic middle-schooler whose dad has just been killed in the war. After a harrowing day when school bullies steal his candy, Joe returns home to the sanctuary of his room, struggling to fend off insulin shock. He finds himself wavering between consciousness and a fantasy world composed of all that he holds dear, fighting to overthrow the tyranny of death in both worlds. Extremely imaginative and beautifully drawn, Joe the Barbarian perfectly captures the halcyon days of boyhood imagination while reminding the reader of the harshness of reality. Recommended for fans of Marvel: 1984.

Joe the Barbarian By Grant Morrison, Sean Murphy (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Grant Morrison, Sean Murphy (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781401237479
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Published: Vertigo - March 12th, 2013

Prince Valiant - Hal Foster

For those who still think that Prince Valiant is simply an illustrated version of your boring high school history textbook, it is time to take heed. Fantagraphics continues to release these gorgeous remastered editions of one of America’s most beloved and enduring comics. This is a story steeped in family and tradition, with a dash of fantasy. Hal Foster’s professionalism shines in every painstakingly-researched and well-composed page of Prince Valiant Volumes 3 and 4. Each panel’s composition immediately draws you in and invites you to linger in a world of romance and adventure, in which you may spend many Sunday afternoons. Previously released editions were high-contrast, lurid affairs that seemed determined to destroy the good name of the original color artist; however, the impeccable restoration of the comic’s original colors makes it enjoyable for the modern audiences and almost a brand new experience for fans lucky enough to have read it in their youth.
Prince Valiant Vol. 2: 1939-1940 By Hal Foster, Mark Schultz (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Hal Foster, Mark Schultz (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781606993484
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Published: Fantagraphics - July 20th, 2010

Prince Valiant Vol. 3: 1941-1942 By Hal Foster, Dan Nadel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781606994078
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Published: Fantagraphics - March 21st, 2011

Prince Valiant Vol. 4: 1943-1944 By Hal Foster, Brian M. Kane (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Hal Foster, Brian M. Kane (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781606994559
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Published: Fantagraphics - October 3rd, 2011