The Other Profile by Irene Graziosi

Staff Pick

This is the sort of book you just want to hang out in for a while. The story centers on Maia, a jaded mid-twenties dropout, and Gloria, the naive and spoiled teenage influencer who hires her as an image consultant. In the span of 200 pages, Graziosi delivers a narrative that is minimal and nuanced, and kind to its characters, who are familiar and unexpectedly likeable.

The Other Profile By Irene Graziosi, Lucy Rand (Translator) Cover Image
By Irene Graziosi, Lucy Rand (Translator)
ISBN: 9798889660026
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Published: Europa Editions - February 20th, 2024

Henry Henry by Allen Bratton

Staff Pick

While it's hard not to read this novel without a bit of disdain for the landed gentry, Hal is nevertheless a sympathetic protagonist. He's a Roman Roy type--traumatized, sociopathic, gay, entitled, and charismatic, inserted into the Austenian landscape of a wilting nobility. Bratton expertly displays hypocrisy and contradiction from all angles: a cash poor upper class, a pious abuser, a reluctant heir who feels the world is his birthright. This book is so funny and disturbing and enthralling, I want to shout my recommendation from the rooftops (but not without at least a dozen content warnings). 

Henry Henry By Allen Bratton Cover Image
ISBN: 9781961884021
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Published: Unnamed Press - April 16th, 2024

Cahokia Jazz by Francis Spufford

Staff Pick

Spufford's genius for navigating the what-if crossroads of alternate history is on full display in his take on Cahokia. At once a city of secrets, a roiling mixture of Jazz Age corruption, booming Mississippi industry, and rich Indigenous tradition, the city-state features a complex political tapestry--of which the gruesome and possibly ritualistic murder that precipitates the plot is only one thread. Amid an ensemble of pitch-perfect noir characters, the protagonist, Joe Barrow, brings a fresh note of honesty as he uproots a tangled web of conspiracy and questions his own troubled loyalties along the way.

Cahokia Jazz: A Novel By Francis Spufford Cover Image
ISBN: 9781668025451
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Published: Scribner - February 6th, 2024