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"It's like Stephen King if Stephen King were more of a feminist." For readers who love books like Carrie but crave a contemporary narrative, Bunny truly scratches the itch. A daring blend of satire and horror, the storyline follows protagonist Samantha Heather Mackey as she struggles to stay afloat in an elite, experimental writing program. Ever the outsider, Samantha feels ostracized by the other women in her cohort--a perfumed, glittery foursome she snidely refers to as "the Bunnies"--until a fateful invitation arrives. As Samantha grows closer to her peers, the cardigans and cupcakes fall away to reveal a ghastly secret. How much can privilege truly hide? Mediocrity? Sociopathy? Murder? Follow Awad down the rabbit hole to find out!
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ISBN: 9780525559757
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Published: Penguin Books - June 9th, 2020

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Continuing the Latin American tradition of investigating and adjudicating a past filled with political turmoil and violence through fiction, Loedel's impressive debut focuses on a returned exile who hopes to bring back his dead love, one of the many Disappeared from his country's Dirty War. As the living interact with the dead, Loedel explores questions of guilt and the complex ways individuals respond to love and history--and announces himself as an exciting new voice in literature.



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ISBN: 9780593188644
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Published: Riverhead Books - January 12th, 2021

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In telling the story of one family's journey from Colombia to make new lives for themselves elsewhere, Engel explores the wrenching experience of being uprooted and documents the forces--borders, poverty, immigration polcies, and language barriers--that keep people divided. Making tangible the very real struggle immigrants face and powerfully demonstrating how hope and hearbreak are inextricable from each other, this brief, compelling account of the gritty realities experienced by Elena and Mauro gains further texture by being interwoven with the magic of Andean myth.


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ISBN: 9781982159467
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Published: Avid Reader Press / Simon & Schuster - March 2nd, 2021