Human Sacrifices by Maria Fernanda Ampuero

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These stories delve into horrors that are far from supernatural, focusing instead on the grim and violent realities faced by those on the fringes of society. With precise and often exquisite prose, Ampuero sheds light on the uncomfortable truths behind the comforts enjoyed by the privileged, exposing the deep-rooted exploitation and abuse that underpins our world. Through her haunting and unflinching voice, Ampuero demands attention, presenting a poignant narrative that masterfully captures the inequalities of today's society. 


Human Sacrifices By María Fernanda Ampuero, Frances Riddle (Translator) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781558612983
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Published: Feminist Press - May 16th, 2023

The Trio by Johanna Hedman

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If you like campus novels or fiction about Europeans hanging out in cafes and public libraries, this cozy narrative is sure to swallow you up. The story follows three Swedish university students, Hugo, Thora, and August, as they navigate their various economic disparities and overlapping intimacies. Despite its firm roots in the digital era, the book has a timeless and familiar quality that accentuates the seemingly innate burdens of the twenty-something condition. Sally Rooney and Donna Tartt lovers, look no further.


The Trio By Johanna Hedman, Kira Josefsson (Translator) Cover Image
By Johanna Hedman, Kira Josefsson (Translator)
ISBN: 9781609459529
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Published: Europa Editions - September 5th, 2023

The Happy Couple by Naoise Dolan

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Dolan has composed a delightful anti-romance that is sparse and incisive in its observations of compulsory love and Irish identity. Told in six parts, the narrative follows the cacophonous nuptials of Celine, a tunnel-visioned concert pianist, and Luke, a "guy with a job." These meticulously layered narratives build to a fittingly symphonic finale: the wedding day. As she did in her  debut, Exciting Times, Dolan maintains a detached yet charismatic voice that makes this painfully funny to read.

The Happy Couple: A Novel By Naoise Dolan Cover Image
ISBN: 9780063330467
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Published: Ecco - November 7th, 2023