The Poem's Heartbeat: A Manual of Prosody - Alfred Corn

It was only when I pulled The Poem's Heartbeat from the shelf, that I realized how long I had been looking for something exactly like it. The poet Alfred Corn taught prosody, the “art or study of versification,” at Columbia. On the evidence of this small, indispensable volume, he was a remarkable teacher. Corn assumes no prior reading or knowledge, only a sincere interest and a willingness to listen to the “inner ear.” As he builds from so simple a beginning to explore the full richness of poetic practice, he never slights ambiguities or slouches into mystification. Its apt examples make it incidentally a choice little anthology. As is natural for a guidebook that combines great clarity with great scope, you will find yourself disagreeing with some of well-turned pronouncements. Like a good professor transmuting a student’s stammered inkling into an insightful question, however, Corn’s manual lends these demurrals clarity, rigor and a cogency. The Poem’s Heartbeat is an education.

Copper Canyon Classics: A Manual of Prosody By Alfred Corn Cover Image
ISBN: 9781556592812
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Published: Copper Canyon Press - October 1st, 2008