Lonely Planet New York & the Mid-Atlantic's Best Trips

Every Washingtonian ought to have this guide in his glove compartment! Even if you aren’t able to take a full-blown vacation this summer, this TRIPS guide provides dozens of weekends’ worth of new experiences, cultural exchanges and greasy summer food from across the region. Featuring points north and south, the LONELY PLANET TRIPS guides provide itineraries that range from a day to a week, each denoted by clear but clever icons and coupled with extras like quotes from locals and playlists for the car: You’ll find a Warhol-themed trip to Pittsburgh, an East Coast food tour that goes from Prince Frederick County to New York City, an upscale take on the Appalachian Trail, a cinematic tour of Baltimore and a heritage music drive through Virginia. Attend to that road trip itch, and you’ll be glad to reap the benefits of living on the culturally bustling East Coast.