The File: A Personal History - Timothy Garton Ash

After taking his degree at Oxford, Timothy Garton Ash went to Cold War Berlin to study German resistance to the Nazism. As he lived and traveled behind the Iron Curtain, he recorded the personal and intellectual intensity of his youth at the hinge of history. The Stasi, the East German secret police, also watched and took notes. After the wall fell, the Stasi files were opened, revealing in every detail a scheme of social control both insidiously malign and grimly bureaucratic. Garton Ash tracks down and interviews those who tracked and informed on him—out of fear, cupidity, ideological conviction and a preference for the path of least resistance. What emerges is a portrait of an ineluctably compromised society. The File's remarkable admixture of deep political erudition, engagé directness and pellucid style marks Garton Ash as a worthy heir to George Orwell and Isaiah Berlin.

The File: A Personal History By Timothy Garton Ash Cover Image
ISBN: 9780679777854
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Published: Vintage - September 29th, 1998