Dispersals by Jessica J. Lee

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Lee’s wide-ranging and thoughtful essays cross personal, cultural, and species boundaries to consider “the question of belonging.” Of Welsh and Chinese descent, Lee, like the plants she focuses on, has called many places—Canada, Britain, Germany—“home”; but, as she notes about wakame seaweed, what does “home” mean if a species has a “global nonnative range”? Can a plant—or a person—be out of place everywhere? And when is something merely a “weed”—and who decides? Looking at plants including sago pondweed, mangoes, tea, heath star moss, and others, Lee traces the legacies of colonialism; probes the rhetoric of plant classification, the purposes of seed banks, the meanings of borders, and much more.


Dispersals: On Plants, Borders, and Belonging By Jessica J. Lee Cover Image
ISBN: 9781646221783
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Published: Catapult - March 12th, 2024