Cookbooks Mug

Drink your coffee out of classics. This sturdy 11 ounce (i.e., normal size) white ceramic mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe. There are books all the way around it, so it works beautifully for both coffee and tea drinkers, and for both righties and lefties. This set is of 19 classic cookbooks, including ones from Julia Child, Thomas Keller, Ina Garten, and Edna Lewis, plus Joy of Cooking, of course. BOOKS INCLUDED: On Food and Cooking - McGee Coco - Phaidon Ad Hoc at Home - Keller Mastering the Art of French Cooking - Child Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone - Madison Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking - Hazan The New York Times Coobook - Hesser Joy of Cooking - Rombauer & Becker Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen - Bayless Tartine - Prueitt & Robertson The Taste of Country Cooking - Lewis The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook- Garten Plenty - Ottolenghi How to Cook Everything - Bittman I Know How to Cook - Mathiot Momofuku Milk Bar - Tosi Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book - Crocker Chez Panisse Cooking - Bertolli & Waters