Planning an offsite event and need books?

Whether it be a keynote speaker or a house party, we are happy to get books to your event. Please review these options carefully to determine which will work best for you and complete the attached form start the request process. To make your event a success, we recommend confirming all details at least three weeks out to ensure timely book orders and any required staff.


This option works best for events for 100 people or more featuring new releases, especially if the author is present and willing to sign. In our experience, usually about 30% of event attendees make book purchases. 

  • Politics and Prose booksellers deliver books to your event, manage on-site sales, and return unsold books back to the store

  • Books are sold on-site at list price.

  • The number of booksellers needed is determined by the size of the event. In our experience, one bookseller will suffice for a one-time event with up to 300 attendees.  For events anticipating more than 300 attendees, or scheduled over multiple days, more booksellers may be needed. 

  • To cover our costs, the host agrees to a minimum number of books to be sold on site.  The minimum is determined by the list price of the book, the length of the event, and the number of booksellers required.  For instance, the minimum is usually somewhere between 25-30 books for one bookseller and would be more if multiple booksellers are needed to staff the event OR if the event is all-day or multi-day. If less than the minimum is sold at the event, the remaining number of books to make the minimum will be left with the host and their credit card will be charged accordingly.

  • A credit card is required to secure the event and is only charged should the minimum book sales not be met. 


This option works best for meetings, conferences, or casual gatherings. In our experience, between 10-30% of event attendees make book purchases. 

  • A minimum purchase of one carton per title is required. Please note that carton quantities can range from 12-24 books depending on the title. 

  • Most titles are available at 10% off list price. 

  • Event organizer is responsible for picking up books at store, managing onsite sales, and returning unsold books.  

  • Unsold books must be returned within two weeks of the event date. 

  • A credit card is required to secure the event and is only charged for books sold on-site or books unreturned to the store. 


This option works best for corporate or community events where books are being given away. 

  • A minimum order of 25 books is required.  

  • Most titles are available at 25% off list price. 

  • All bulk purchases require prepayment in full, are considered final, and are not returnable. 

  • Books are shipped directly to the event organizer (usually via UPS). 

  • Books must be given away and are not eligible for resale. 

If you a producing a commercial event with an author, please also ask us about “ticket and a book” options.  

For additional questions, please email

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