Children & Teens Books of the Week

New in Paperback
Soldier for Equality: José de la Luz Sáenz and the Great War Cover Image
ISBN: 9781419736827
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Published: Harry N. Abrams - September 3rd, 2019

José de la Luz Sáenz thought service with the U.S. military in WWI could transform the prejudice faced by Mexican-Americans in Texas. He left teaching to enter the war in France, where his knowledge of languages earned him a position translating intelligence. Still, he received neither pay raises nor promotions. Why were soldiers like him risking their lives only to return to injustice? In 1929, Luz helped form the League of United Latin American Citizens, an organization dedicated to fighting for civil rights and equality, and still running today. Duncan Tonatiuh’s new nonfiction picture book, Soldier for Equality: Jose de la Luz Sáenz and the Great War (Abrams, $18.99) recounts Luz’s courageous story, incorporating lines directly from Luz’s diary with accompanying line and collage illustrations. Great for classrooms or reading on one’s own, Soldier for Equality will start conversations and inspire big ideas. Ages 7-10. Amy Dickinson 

New in Paperback
Treaties, Trenches, Mud, and Blood (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales #4): A World War I Tale Cover Image
ISBN: 9781419708084
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Published: Harry N. Abrams - May 13th, 2014

Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales are candy for history buffs and comic aficionados. Their conceit is clever: Nathan Hale, swallowed by a history textbook, knows exactly how the history of the United States will unravel. When history regurgitates Hale, the provost and his hang man want to know what he’s learned. What follows here is a retelling of World War I history wherein Serbia is a wolf, the Austro-Hungarian Empire is a griffin, the UK is a bulldog and the US is, naturally, an eagle a bunny rabbit. That’s not to say the contents of this graphic novel shy away from the gritty truth of WWI; rather, they’re just especially digestible for young readers. Treaties, Trenches, Mud, and Blood: A World War I Tale (Abrams, $13.99) educates and entertains as it unpacks the war we thought would end all wars—but first claimed over nine million lives. Ages 11-17. Rebecca Fortes 

YA Paperback
Private Peaceful Cover Image
ISBN: 9780439636537
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Published: Scholastic Paperbacks - May 1st, 2006

From German bombardments to gas attacks, Private Thomas Peaceful endures all manner of horrors in the trenches of Europe during the First World War. On the night before he must face the most devastating event of his life, Private Peaceful (Scholastic, $7.99) spends his remaining hours and minutes remembering his childhood in the English countryside with his family, and all of the events—both triumphant and tragic—that have led him to this dawn of reckoning. With powerful prose, Michael Morpurgo has written a poignant coming-of-age tale that serves as a painful reminder of the costs of war, as well as a not-so-subtle indictment of a societal class system that can tear families apart. Ages 14-18. Marc Villa.