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New in Hardcover
I Sang You Down from the Stars Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316493161
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Published: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers - April 6th, 2021

An indigenous woman gathers a sacred bundle for her baby-to-come in the lyrical picture book, I Sang You Down from the Stars (Little, Brown, $18.99). The author, Tasha Spillett-Sumner, a member of the Inniwak Nation and the artist, Michaela Goade, a member of the Tlingit Nation, incorporate symbols and sacred elements from both of their Stars (Inniwak) and Tides (Tlingit) cultures. A sparkling swoosh is a reoccurring image that joins mother and child, flora and fauna, family and friends. Author's and artist's notes give further context and information about indigenous elements of the story. Jewel-toned watercolors bring this starry book to life. The text that begins, "I loved you before I met you," is joyful ode to mothers and their young children. You'll want to read and rediscover this perfect bedtime lullaby for very young children again and again. Ages 0+. Anna Jordan

Blast from the Past
The Science of Breakable Things Cover Image
ISBN: 9781524715694
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Published: Yearling - May 21st, 2019

Natalie’s new 7th grade science teacher assigns a project that might just help her solve a big problem in her life. For the past few months her once vibrant botanist mother has barely been able to leave her room and Natalie has no idea why. With the help of her friends, a kind teacher, and a well-meaning father, Natalie explores The Science of Breakable Things (Yearling, $ 7.99) to find a way to reach her mom. A late-night adventure to her mom’s lab lands Natalie and her friends in trouble but also opens the door to finally talking about the problem that no one wants to address. Tae Keller, the author of the Newbery award winning When You Trap A Tiger, uses a gentle hand to explore how depression touches a family and how help can be found within and without the home. Ages 10-14. Heidi Ashton Yoon

The Wide Starlight Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593116227
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Published: Razorbill - February 16th, 2021

Suspense, questions, and fantasy fill every chapter of The Wide Starlight (Razorbill, $18.99). As a young girl, Eli and her mom were inseparable seeing the world in the exact same way. Until one night, when her mom disappeared into the Northern Lights. Now 16 years old, Eli gets a note saying her mom is close by, but does that mean everything will go back to normal? Can trust be recreated while the world Eli knows constantly changes? And where was her mom all those years in the Northern Lights? Written by Nicole Lesperance, Eli's story is intertwined between the before and after and asks the question, “What will she choose next?”. Ages 13 and up. Hannah Manwiller