We Can Change the World: An Intimate Journey Through the Early 1970s (Paperback)

We Can Change the World: An Intimate Journey Through the Early 1970s By Lee Boutell Cover Image

We Can Change the World: An Intimate Journey Through the Early 1970s (Paperback)


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The early 1970s were a time of tremendous upheaval and unrest. Fed up with civil rights abuse, the military draft, the Vietnam War, business-as-usual politics, and lack of access to healthy life choices, visionary Americans began building an alternative world. They wanted to change the world and they did.

Overwhelming numbers of Baby Boomers rebelled against the rigid rules, materialism, harsh treatment, limited opportunities, and unimaginative expectations their parent's generation placed on them. Above all, young people wanted freedom to live their own way, and would do practically anything to achieve it. They built alternative communities outside of conventional society by joining together and creating new ways to connect, make a living, celebrate, and organize to make a better world. They started countless alternative businesses, cooperatives, festivals and non-governmental organizations to serve humanity.

This book tells the story of the Eggsnatchur Natural Foods Restaurant in Eugene, Oregon, and describes the high adventure, intrigue, and loving learned along the way. The workers became a family of like-minded activists who formed a profit-sharing collective that served the community with the highest quality food available. They facilitated positive social and political change by challenging the norms and the powers of the day.

The book describes deep, transformative personal changes young people went through during this turbulent era and focuses on how one man grew from a conservative fraternity boy in wind-swept Kansas into an alternative entrepreneur within the emerging cultural Renaissance of the Pacific Northwest.

The author describes young people of the times who were full of energy, optimism, and love of adventure with great capacity for taking risk. Whether hitchhiking across the country, chasing romantic adventure on an island paradise, engaging in political activism in the nation's capital, or embarking on a pirate's life in the Caribbean, We Can Change the World takes you to unimagined places during a very different era.

Product Details ISBN: 9798886794441
Publisher: Luminare Press
Publication Date: March 19th, 2024
Pages: 484
Language: English