Characterizing Fly Ash Concrete with Nanosilica (Paperback)

Characterizing Fly Ash Concrete with Nanosilica By Lincy Varghese Cover Image

Characterizing Fly Ash Concrete with Nanosilica (Paperback)


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Fly ash concrete is a widely used construction material due to its pozzolanic reactions with cement that enhance its strength and durability. The addition of nanosilica to fly ash concrete has been shown to improve its material properties. In this study, we aim to characterize the properties of fly ash concrete with nanosilica to understand its mechanical, physical, and chemical characteristics. The compressive, flexural, and tensile strengths of fly ash concrete with nanosilica will be evaluated, as well as its abrasion resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, chloride ion permeability, water absorption, and porosity. The microstructure of the concrete will be analyzed to understand the hydration products and the effects of chemical admixtures such as superplasticizers, water reducers, and air entraining agents on the setting time, curing, shrinkage, and cracking of the concrete. The modulus of elasticity, thermal conductivity, and electrical resistivity of the concrete will also be measured. Sustainability and environmental impact will also be considered by investigating waste management, recycling, and the use of industrial by-products as supplementary cementitious materials such as silica fume, metakaolin, rice husk ash, slag, geopolymers, and alkali-activated materials. Additionally, the potential of nanotechnology will be explored through the use of nanomaterials, nanocomposites, nanoparticles, colloids, and their dispersion and interfacial bonding in fly ash concrete. Mechanical testing and non-destructive testing will be conducted to characterize the fly ash concrete with nanosilica, and the results will be compared to those of traditional fly ash concrete to evaluate the effectiveness of the nanosilica addition. This study will provide valuable information for the construction industry regarding the use of fly ash concrete with nanosilica, its material properties, and its potential applications.

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Publication Date: October 16th, 2023
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