Face and Palm Reading: How to Read People Using Chinese Physiognomy and Palmistry (Paperback)

Face and Palm Reading: How to Read People Using Chinese Physiognomy and Palmistry By Mari Silva Cover Image

Face and Palm Reading: How to Read People Using Chinese Physiognomy and Palmistry (Paperback)


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Two manuscripts in one book:
  • Face Reading: Unlock the Secrets of Chinese Physiognomy and Discover How to Read People Like Clockwork
  • Palm Reading: Unlock the Secrets of Palmistry to Discover About You and Your Future
What if I told you that your entire life story is written on your face? Or if you learn to read faces, you can determine a person's past, present, and future, and you will be surprisingly accurate.

Face reading is an ancient Chinese art that is still widely practiced, especially for modern health analysis. Subtle signs on a person's face, like moles, scars, discoloration, and even the shape, tell a lot about a person's life story and characteristics.

The first part of this book is packed with information about the Chinese secrets of face reading. You will be able to detect a person's thought process, characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. You can also determine your future with this ancient art.

You will...
  • Learn the various aspects of face reading.
  • Discover a person's past, present, and future by simply looking at their face.
  • Learn about the secret history of ancient Greek and Chinese face reading.
  • Gain insight into Mien Siang and Wu Xing.
  • Learn to measure your wealth and career prospects by using simple face reading techniques.
  • Determine the type of partner you will marry and your probability of having children.
  • Learn to read a person's face and decipher their feelings.
  • Learn whether to trust a person or not and how to make better decisions based on facial readings.
  • Know a person's personality type by the shape of their face.
  • Predict your fate by deciphering individual age points and features on your face.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of people and their lives.
  • Learn about the five elements and how they relate to your personality.
  • Learn about the Twelve Houses and Thirteen Divisions of facial reading.
  • Decipher your destiny and life's purpose.
What if I told you there is something that can help you actualize your potential and reach your highest sense of fulfillment? Believe it or not, palmistry may unlock the secrets to your life and your future

Palmistry is the ancient technique of reading palms to uncover the fortune hidden in the lines of your hands.

Part two of this book will unravel everything you need to know about the ancient art of palm reading. By the end of this part, you can read and analyze your hands to predict your own fortune.

You will:
  • Learn how to use powerful techniques to unravel your inner nature and traits
  • Understand your strengths, weaknesses, and limitations
  • Identify your pattern of thoughts to help you change negative habits
  • Discover signs of illnesses and protect yourself before they happen
  • Uncover your path to success in your career
  • Discover people's traits and character by the shape of their hands
  • Gain insight into the future by learning simple, easy to read palm lines
Grab your copy of this book today to learn everything you need to know about face and palm reading and how to unravel your destiny.
Product Details ISBN: 9798705975785
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 7th, 2021
Pages: 258
Language: English