Chakra Opening: The Ultimate Guide to Awaken the Power Within, Balance Chakras and Heal Your Mind and Body (Paperback)

Chakra Opening: The Ultimate Guide to Awaken the Power Within, Balance Chakras and Heal Your Mind and Body By Jay K. Morley Cover Image

Chakra Opening: The Ultimate Guide to Awaken the Power Within, Balance Chakras and Heal Your Mind and Body (Paperback)


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Would you like to know the reason for your "wrong" days and solve this annoying problem for good?

When you feel lacking in energy and apathetic towards everything and everyone, the more you try to change, the worse it gets.

If you then neglect the problem and let this kind of condition appear more and more in your daily life, you could be overwhelmed by it, along with your work and your most special affections.

Besides, unavoidable stress factors present in daily life, such as traumatic episodes and an overload of negative emotions, cause the chakra system's imbalance. Unbalanced chakras can cause significant mental and physical discomfort. You may fall victim to mental illness, anxiety, and insecurities. The symptoms of an imbalance in the chakras include, in addition to widespread physical discomfort and irritability, chronic pain, and increased blood pressure.

Chakra Opening will help you solve this problem, revealing how to improve your mood and health thanks to a few simple habits that you can follow every day.

It is said that a change in perspective is the only thing you need to change your life. However, to bring about an everlasting mental and physical transformation, you need to know about your body's primary energy points.

In this book, Jay K. Morley reveals to you how to proceed towards learning the chakra dynamics in simple and straightforward words.

So, get familiar with your chakra points by listening to your body's signals. Energize your mind and body and follow the path to reach an everlasting mental and physical transformation.

In Chakra Opening you will find:

  • The Seven Chakras and Their Functions
  • Why Are the Chakras Blocked?
  • How to Know When Your Chakras Are Out of Balance
  • How to Balance Chakras
  • How to Heal Your Chakras
  • How to Use Crystals For Your Chakras Healing
  • The Right Food For Your Chakras
  • Affirmations and Mantra Chakras
  • A Mindfulness Compendium
  • Yoga Poses to Align Your Chakras
  • A Meditation Compendium

...and much more

Healing and balancing your chakras is an essential part of optimizing your mental and physical health. Being in tune with your energies will allow you to live a wholly peaceful and serene life. This book indicates the signs of chakra blockages and how to remove them. Also, it helps you undertake a beautiful journey to heal your chakras with the help of crystals, food, and meditation.

If you've never thought about going deeper into the Chakras topic or don't feel you need to, but you think something is wrong in your life, this can be an excellent opportunity to do it right away.

If you have done it before, but without success, this simple and straightforward reading is just what you need.

Do you want to achieve what you always wanted? Start with yourself; start with this book. Let's scroll up, click the Buy-button Now, get w.

Product Details ISBN: 9798692943521
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 9th, 2020
Pages: 88
Language: English