100 Vehicles Coloring Book for Kids Ages 4-8: Big Book of Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Trains, Planes and Boats Coloring for Boys & Girls (Paperback)

100 Vehicles Coloring Book for Kids Ages 4-8: Big Book of Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Trains, Planes and Boats Coloring for Boys & Girls By Samantha Sunny Cover Image

100 Vehicles Coloring Book for Kids Ages 4-8: Big Book of Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Trains, Planes and Boats Coloring for Boys & Girls (Paperback)


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These things that go coloring book includes 100 stunning picture pages with vehicles for coloring.

Your child will have a lot of fun coloring the pages of this wonderful vehicle coloring book. This is great activity for your child. The cars coloring book for kids will be a wonderful gift not only for boys but also for girls because each vehicle is drawn in the form of an animated character. If your child loves cars and drawing, then feel free to purchase this coloring book. This is the perfect coloring book for 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8-year-old children.

Let's take a look at what awaits you in this magnificent vehicle coloring book for kids ages 4-8

  1. Automotive vehicles. Your little one will love vehicles in this part of a coloring book. It includes: ambulance, buses, cars, vans, fire engine, trucks, monster truck, police car, garbage truck and many others
  2. Construction machinery. An attractive, convenient, and beloved vehicle by all boys, which everyone dreams to ride from a young age. The child will have the opportunity not only to coloring the vehicle, but also to learn new types of them. Construction vehicles coloring book includes: tractor, excavator, road roller, dump truck, front loader, crane truck, bulldozer, concrete mixer truck, motor grader, skidder, forklift and others.
  3. Bikes. Coloring bikes will help your child overcome the fear of this transport and want to ride it outside. This chapter includes: motorbike, bicycle, motor scooter etc.
  4. Rail vehicles. The coloring pages of this chapter will allow your child to learn the most popular types of railway transport. There are: locomotive, streetcar, subway and train.
  5. Watercraft. Girls will be introduced to the new type of vehicle and boys will love and enjoy coloring them. Here you will find: barge, battleship, boat, cargo ship, destroyer, ferry, galleon, submarine, yacht, jet ski and many others
  6. Aircraft and airport vehicles. Your kiddos can color the planes that they saw in real life, and get acquainted with different vehicle types for airports. You can find here: airplane, airship, biplane, float plane, glider, helicopter, jet fighter, hot air balloon, space shuttle and special airport vehicles.
  7. Others. Still not enough? This part of the truck coloring book for kids includes illustrations of all other vehicles that your child wants to know: buggy, quad, snowmobile, tank, karting car, carriage and so on.

The coloring pages have plenty of advantages some of them are:

  • All illustrations in the coloring book are big and clear and will be easy to paint even for 3 year olds.
  • All drawings are divided into categories for easy search.
  • Large 8 1/2 x 11-inch pages.
  • All vehicles are depicted as animated characters, and this will only what the child's interest. He will also be able to give each character a name.
  • If you are looking for a vehicle coloring book for kids ages 4-8 and a vehicle coloring book for toddlers ages 2-5 this is the perfect find
  • The coloring pages contain 100 attractive and popular drawings of vehicles of 2021.

Your child will get only benefits while painting They are:

  • General development of the child. They will learn the names of the new vehicles and how they look in a light cartoonish manner.
  • Develop great fine motor skills.
  • Get kids ready for school.
  • Contribute the development of nice handwriting in the future
  • Develop better color recognition.
  • Playfully your kids will develop hand-eye coordination and the ability to focus on certain subjects.
Product Details ISBN: 9798520495031
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 14th, 2021
Pages: 120
Language: English