Explore! San Antonio: Your Culture Guide to Educational and Service-Oriented Travel (Paperback)

Explore! San Antonio: Your Culture Guide to Educational and Service-Oriented Travel By Amanda Camarillo, Michael Camarillo Cover Image

Explore! San Antonio: Your Culture Guide to Educational and Service-Oriented Travel (Paperback)


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What is Explore San Antonio?

Explore San Antonio gives you the opportunity to experience over 300 years of history from a different perspective. The transformative qualities of travel emerge from the people we are exposed to rather than the destinations we seek. You will be immersed in San Antonio's rich heritage and vivid culture as we take a journey from yesterday to tomorrow. Explore San Antonio is the perfect guide to accompany your next trip to "The Alamo City" as we learn from and give back to the local community.

Travel to Learn

Explore San Antonio introduces you to a new approach to traveling. Instead of searching for your next preoccupation, we urge you to travel with purpose. Since knowledge is the path to enlightenment and harmony, traveling to learn is truly the best way to experience a new place.

Enjoy the riveting story of San Antonio's birth, growth, and potential with a narrative flare. Feel the plight of the Payaya Native American tribe as their land was settled by European powers. Experience the awe of the first Spanish settlers to find the headwaters of the San Antonio River. Revel in the boom of industry and cuisine that followed multicultural immigration. Ponder on ways to improve the city for generations to come.

Travel to Serve

Explore San Antonio is unique in that it provides a roadmap for you to give back to the local community. We believe volunteer service and responsible tourism is vital to the sustainability of the sights, places, and cultures around the world.

By incorporating volunteer service into your next trip, you add a level of purpose to your vacation that will be enriching, fulfilling, and memorable. Plus, the support and care you share with the local community is invaluable and priceless. There is no better

What do you get?
  • A stirring tale of one of Texas' most visited cities over 300 years in the making
  • Expert recommendations on where to travel in San Antonio
  • Advice on how to leverage a myriad of learning opportunities around the city
  • Hand-selected service opportunities to add purpose to your travel
  • Obscure facts and insider knowledge
  • Tons of resource links to broaden your understand
  • Hours of research saved for your next trip
  • Family-friendly recommendations
  • Insider knowledge about local transportation and outdoor activities
  • A way to help in bettering the future
  • New perspectives
  • BONUS Explore San Antonio Travel Guide ($15 value)
  • And much, much more
What is the Bonus?

Our Travel Guide is a full-fledged trip itinerary from top to bottom. We planned out a 5-day immersive excursion for you and compiled it all in a neat little digital package. What is included you ask?

  • 5 daily itineraries of what to do and see
  • Hand-picked eateries that highlight the eclectic local cuisine
  • Culturally-significant destinations that tell San Antonio's story
  • Tips & tricks for public transportation, low cost ride share, and alternative transportation options
  • Updated hours & contact information for attractions
  • Accommodation recommendations
  • Events calendar depicting major area festivals & events
  • Expert insight on how to spend your time
  • Educational suggestions
  • Recommended service organizations to add purpose to your travel
Product Details ISBN: 9798471744592
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 6th, 2021
Pages: 100
Language: English