Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan (Paperback)

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Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan (Paperback)


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There has been an extremely disturbing and rather sensitive issue of 'Blasphemy' reported and discussed in print media and on TV channels heated debates over the last decade.

Some extensively renowned, and widely publicised cases on electronic, and print media came to my attention involving caricatures and cartoons mocking and ridiculing the prophet of Islam and some widely debated cases in Pakistan. The most recent case has been the killing of a Srilankan 'Priyantha Diyawadanage' a 48 years old factory manager who was working in a garment factory in Sialkot, Pakistan, and who was brutally killed by a mob attack for an alleged blasphemy charge. He was beaten to death and his body was set alight in December 2021. The blame on him was that he tore up the posters which mentioned the name of the prophet.

Although the local court awarded death sentences to 8 of the accused, could it bring back one innocent life?
That compelled me to investigate, and research the background, and history of those cases, and to further read and examine the Quranic verses relevant to the subject, as well as to know about the Islamic perspective which had been referred to by the Pakistani lawmakers, and which paved the way, and influenced the creation of the blasphemy laws in the country.
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