Absolute Time: Criticism of Relativity (Paperback)

Absolute Time: Criticism of Relativity By Edward Liu (Illustrator), Jack Liu Cover Image

Absolute Time: Criticism of Relativity (Paperback)

By Edward Liu (Illustrator), Jack Liu


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This retro little book adopts and promotes the concept of absolute time proposed more than 300 years ago by the great British physicist Isaak Newton: Time is independent, unidirectional and elapse evenly; This concept is common sense of ordinary people, and it should be. However, since it was proposed, it has been widely suspected by intellectuals, and now it is widely recognized to be overthrown completely by Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
This is one of the great misunderstandings in the history of physics and even philosophy. This book attempts to explain that the establishment of the theory of relativity is fundamentally inseparable from Newton's concept of Absolute Time: there is no theory of relativity without absolute time; Furthermore, the theory of relativity not only cannot deny absolute time but also, contrary to popular misconceptions, its conclusion supports absolute time.
General relativity has made two huge mistakes. The first one is logical mistake: it misreads the concept of time. Time is something used to measure the speed of other physical phenomena, not to be measured. Second, it misunderstood and applied positivism to equate any measurable physical phenomenon with time.
As of Special Relativity, the concept of time there is very special, it is the time of others in the perspective, it is psychological time, not physical time, let alone mathematical time. Einstein reminded that the time dilation should not be understood as a physical change. However, Einstein's disciples got lost, viewing temporary subjective changes in perspective as permanent physical changes, and thus, they think that the real time may be slowed down.
Beside, The Special Relativity itself has not matured. There is no distinction between outbound moving and inbound moving. It obviously affects mental time. Thus, time contraction effects are completely ignored, despite being subjective temporal effects like time dilation.
Time part of General Relative still can be true as long as being treated as some kind of Clock theory instead of time theory. As of Special Relativity, since the Lorentz-Jack transformation clearly shows that in addition to the existing space-time effects of special relativity, (caused by a certain weird concept of time in Special Relativity), there are also symmetrically opposite effects, such as outbound motion lead to time dilation, and inbound motion leads to time contraction, then, if the special theory of relativity still needs to exist, it should include the Lorentz-Jack transformation to become a complete system.
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