Written in the Stars: An Adoption Story (Hardcover)

Written in the Stars: An Adoption Story By Alicia Hilsher, Lucie Bee (Illustrator) Cover Image

Written in the Stars: An Adoption Story (Hardcover)

By Alicia Hilsher, Lucie Bee (Illustrator)


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"Written in the Stars: An Adoption Story" is a poignant narrative that resonates with the themes of adoption, love, and the unbreakable bonds of family. In this enchanting tale, Alicia, a hopeful adoptive mom, weaves a tapestry of emotions and connections, showcasing the magical universality that paves the way for adoption journeys.

Alicia's book is more than a story; it is a heartfelt love letter addressed to her future child. With the celestial expanse of the night sky as her canvas, she masterfully introduces the concept of adoption to young readers. Through the mystical elements of stars, constellations, and the boundless universe, children are gently guided into understanding the profound nature of adoption and the love that binds families together.

This touching narrative also includes a special page designed for families to inscribe their child's unique adoption story, fostering a personal connection and creating a cherished keepsake. Alicia's writing not only fosters a sense of belonging but also provides a platform for families to share their own stories, creating a deeper understanding of their individual journeys.

Alicia, an author, photographer, and hopeful adoptive mom, infuses her personal experience and perspective into this narrative. Her deep understanding of the magic of adoption is evident as she shares a piece of her heart in this book. Residing in Maryland with her husband, Alicia's Jersey roots remain a part of her identity. Beyond her literary pursuits, she finds joy in exploring national parks, enjoying beach reads, indulging in Hallmark movies, and embarking on adventures with her husband.

With "Written in the Stars: An Adoption Story," Alicia endeavors to provide families with a heartwarming tool to introduce and celebrate the concept of adoption with their children. Her desire to create connections and spread understanding shines through her storytelling, making her a beacon of hope and love within the adoptive community.
Alicia Hilsher is not just an author but also a photographer and hopeful adoptive mom. Her book, "Written in the Stars: An Adoption Story," is a manifestation of her perspective on the magic of adoption— a piece of her heart she wishes to share with her future child. With a passion for nurturing connections and understanding, Alicia's narrative aims to provide families with a gentle, magical way to introduce the concept of adoption to their little ones.

Currently residing in Maryland with her husband, Alicia's roots as a Jersey girl remain an intrinsic part of her identity. When she's not immersed in writing, Alicia finds solace in exploring national parks, immersing herself in beach reads, enjoying heartwarming Hallmark movies, and embarking on memorable journeys with her husband. You can connect with Alicia on Facebook and Instagram (@authoraliciahilsher) or visit her website, www.aliciahilsher.com, to discover more about her heartfelt work and passion for sharing the magic of adoption.

Lucie is a children's book illustrator living in Yorkshire, Northern England. After completing a BA Honours degree in Illustration at the University of Lincoln, Lucie explored Fine Art and Photography before returning to developing her illustration work to chase her lifelong dream of creating children's picture books. Lucie is a multidisciplinary illustrator, working both digitally and traditionally. Her work is influenced by nature, nostalgia, and magical childhood moments. She loves creating cute characters and has a soft spot for old library books and small details. When Lucie isn't creating artwork, you can find her sipping lattes in coffee shops, jogging through the leafy suburbs, or exploring the Peak District with her two small children in tow. You can connect with her on Facebook and Instagram at @lucie.bee.illustrates or by visiting her website: www.luciebeeillustration.com.
Product Details ISBN: 9798350917925
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: September 26th, 2023
Pages: 24
Language: English