Xcel Wellness Tai Chi (Paperback)

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Xcel Wellness Tai Chi (Paperback)


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Incorrect posture impairs core strength, escalating muscular fatigue and stiffness to the legs, shoulders, back, and neck. Further, these areas become aggravated by repetitious activity in a day.

Xcelwellness Tai Chi can help by applying gentle stretches, muscle tension is eased. Circulation and energy flow are restored to the muscle groups. A full body workout with all meridian lines stretched and acupressure points activated.

Xcelwellness Tai Chi takes a holistic approach to health and well-being with each session involving gentle stretching, relaxation, energization, and total body balancing treatments. This 'feel good' therapy enhances one's overall health status for life, work, and play. Xcelwellness Tai Chi can help if you suffer from general poor health, stiffness, and fatigue.

Use Xcelwellness Tai Chi to prepare for the workday, be more focused on activities, energize, and sleep more deeply. The comprehensive fitness program with step-by-step guidance for any age group, any place, to fit any lifestyle and schedule. Xcelwellness Tai Chi can make a big difference for healthy, but busy people.

Tai Chi has been referred to as Yoga in Motion, a moving meditation, and a stand-up massage - a powerful key to composure, increased focus, and well-being. Xcelwellness Tai Chi can make a big difference for healthy, but busy people.

Xcelwellness Tai Chi can improve Flexibility for Sports People, Help Recovery after an Illness, Provide Exercise for the Disabled, Reduce Stress, and Improve Energy Levels.

Experience the Xcelwellness Tai Chi Difference

Are you tired of feeling glum and plain worn out? Are you fed up with recurring ailments? Want to add some zing to your life?
Do you want to enhance your health, sporting performance, and overall well-being this year?
Then this gentle fitness course is for you
Make your well-being number one

Benefits You can Expect are increased Stamina and Muscle Tone/Accelerated Flexibility/Enhanced Concentration/Total Acupressure Point Workout/Health and Well-being.

"Hi, I love your tai chi - so clear, concise, and easy to follow with step-by-step guidance. I am telling my friends about the course too, thanks Xcelwellness " Jean P, 31 yrs.

"I was ailing in health and needed a pick-me-up. Your tai chi course has helped me get my health back on track. I practice daily and feel the energy and vitality in my body. The sore spots have vanished and when I feel stiff, just ten minutes of tai chi gets my circulation going again." Thomas G, 62 yrs.

"I've been looking for a tai chi course like yours for ages with an easy simple explanation and a short form that takes a few minutes to complete. I feel the benefits immediately after each run-through and I'll proceed with the next section shortly. Thanks." Gordon W, 23 yrs.

Xcelwellness Tai Chi for Busy People in Your Own Time, Own Pace, and Own Place
Get this book to be the best that you can be

My wellness books are published under Xcel Wellness in online bookstores.
Involved in the Internal Arts since 2005, I am a graduate of Thai Massage and Natural Therapies and am well-studied in Reflexology Therapy, Gemstones, Numerology, and Nutrition.
I am a certified instructor in Tai Chi and Easy Fitness programs.
Product Details ISBN: 9798224402144
Publisher: Xcel Wellness
Publication Date: February 17th, 2024
Pages: 82
Language: English