The Fractured Pursuit (Paperback)

The Fractured Pursuit By Mureithi Matu Cover Image

The Fractured Pursuit (Paperback)


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Embark on a gripping journey in "The Fractured Pursuit" as Rabai, a once prosperous entrepreneur, confronts the harsh reality of financial ruin. Taking on a humbling role as a branch manager in a tranquil rural town, he seeks to rebuild his life. However, Rabai soon uncovers a sinister plot: his staff engaging in fraudulent activities for personal gain.

Caught in a web of deceit, Rabai is faced with a heart-wrenching decision. To salvage the dire situation, he must repossess the beloved cows of struggling dairy farmers, shattering their livelihoods. This fateful act exposes the deep-seated greed, corruption, and violence festering beneath the surface of society.

As the world around him crumbles, Rabai embarks on a profound introspection, questioning his own moral compass in the face of adversity. The relentless pursuit of survival unravels the delicate threads of his integrity, leaving him teetering on the edge of self-discovery.

"The Fractured Pursuit" delves into the darkest corners of humanity, unearthing the innate struggle between the pursuit of personal gain and the erosion of societal values. This gripping ebook serves as a stark reminder of the high costs of ambition and the perilous path we tread when confronted with greed, corruption, and violence.

Prepare to be enthralled by a thought-provoking narrative that challenges your perceptions, ignites introspection, and underscores the fragility of our moral fabric. "The Fractured Pursuit" will leave you captivated, questioning the boundaries of right and wrong in an unforgiving world.

Product Details ISBN: 9798223808886
Publisher: Mureithi Matu
Publication Date: May 21st, 2023
Pages: 150
Language: English