The Truth Against The Lie (Vol One) (Paperback)

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The Truth Against The Lie (Vol One) (Paperback)


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The Truth Against The Lie (Vol 1)-Helping The World Discover Truth From The Heritage of Our Fathers

In man's continual quest for a proper and true way of worship and ultimate salvation, a lot have accepted falsehood and lies formulated by the mundane churches and Pentecostals in every city streets, who brainwashed our fathers and eventually inherited down their progenies. This was caused by the neglect of our fundamental tradition and lack of knowledge of the Torah and the Prophets.

In this book, Chapter One deals with the Law and how it reached the Gentile world through the calling and ministrations of the then apostles or ministers of Elohim and Apostle Paul who was converted from prosecuting the Jews to a strong souls' winner in the Gentile world. In addition to this chapter was the recognition of the actions of Adonai-fearers at the time of the Apostles who contributed immensely in furthering the message to the Gentile world of that time before crisis erupted in the then Christian assembly (that constituted the Jews only) at the City of Antioch.

The purpose of the message that went down to the Gentile world was to enable an in-grafting into Commonwealth of Israel. The in-grafting processes mean they have accepted, baptized and are doing the Commandments of The Most High with all other relevant works of righteousness for salvation belong to Jews first and then the Gentile grafted.

Chapter Two discussed on the Kingdom of Adonai to mean the earthly habitation and governance by Yahsha Messiah. His ruler-ship shall be based on the Law and Prophets with Psalms as the hymnbook of choice for rejoicing and worship. Human beings have been destined to die at his or her full time as assigned by The Most High.

Chapter Three discusses The Right Hand of The Most High that saves and protects human creatures. Adonai has great regard for His righteous Right Hand which was demonstrated in several portions of the scripture as it relates to salvation mankind.

Chapter Four deals with the entire 613 Codified Laws of The Most High. This is a guide and a Map to a right ruling, living and performance in world. The Laws are divided into Positive (the do's) and Negative (the don'ts) Commandments, Statutes and Judgments.

Finally, Chapter Five concludes that the Way of life rest entirely on human performance of the Torah and other works of righteousness as enshrined in the Scripture coupled with believe and trust in Yahsha Messiah Who is the embodiment of the Torah in the flesh. Therefore, the salvation of human soul is an expensive and highly indispensable gem and to obtain it we need spiritual map and the way to locate or arrive at the designated site- The New Jerusalem. The Map and the Way are the Torah performance and doing many more of other righteous works--2Esdras7:75-101

Jacob Mathias is a reknowned Researcher on Jewish way values. I have contributed many articles in several Jewish and Christian media publications. I have been involved in several teams of volunteers and researchers for numerous religious, social and humanitarian works across the Globe I was ordained an Elder with commitment to teach small segment of Jewish families in Manhattan for three years now.

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Publisher: Jacob Mathias
Publication Date: January 13th, 2024
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