True Crime Stories (Paperback)

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True Crime Stories (Paperback)


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No one ever truly disappears. In every unsolved case, at least one person knows the truth.

True crime is one of the most popular genres on the bookshelves--new docuseries and podcasts entice an audience millions strong. But why are we so drawn to real-life horror? What does it say about us?

True crime is about humanity. We are hardwired to pay attention to things that could harm us, and that's why so many of us are captivated by the genre. It's not a reflection of something dark within us--it's a reflection of human nature.

True crime has become more than a source of entertainment, and it plays a critical role in giving forgotten victims a voice they never had the chance to share. Indeed, reading and sharing true crime stories is an act of social responsibility.

When true crime is done well, it teaches us how to be vigilant. It teaches us compassion, and it keeps the memories of victims alive.

True crime writers have the responsibility to provide a balanced narrative and tell the stories of both perpetrator and victim without sensationalism. It is through this careful attention to detail that the victim is honored, and innocent bystanders are protected from the crossfire.

Having lived through the traumatic disappearance of a loved one herself, H.J. Tidy understands the weight of this responsibility and expertly guides you through some of the most disturbing true crime stories of all time.

In True Crime Stories: Murders, Disappearances, and Serial Killers: Twisted Tales of True Crime, you'll be led through a series of the darkest cases the world has ever seen. You'll discover:

  • Critical red flags missed by police in a number of chilling cases
  • The horrific story of Jordan Turpin and her 12 siblings
  • A demystification of the vanishing children of Bowraville
  • Why DNA testing was historically underused and how the tables have turned
  • The infamous case of Fred and Rose West unraveled
  • A puzzling story of a seemingly innocuous note
  • Excerpts from real interviews with some of the most deadly criminals of all time
  • How an unexpected discovery linked 3 separate disappearances
  • Clues as to how some of the world's most notorious criminals became cold-blooded killers
  • A series of dead ends and a multitude of cases that raise more questions than answers
  • Beautiful illustrations highlighting the humanity in every case

And much more.

If you've ever worried about your interest in true crime, relax. Your interest is natural, and it shows your empathy, your compassion, and your humanity.

Ethically handled true crime stories play a vital role in bringing a voice to the victims and protecting innocent people from being wrongfully accused. When we let these stories sit untold, we let the perpetrators win.

By sharing true crime stories, we're making the world a better place, one story at a time.

To learn more about the facts behind some of the darkest cases in history.

Product Details ISBN: 9798215346488
Publisher: H.J. Tidy
Publication Date: December 9th, 2022
Pages: 298
Language: English