How To Analyze People. Body Language. (Paperback)

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How To Analyze People. Body Language. (Paperback)


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Imagine having the ability to know what the people you interact with are thinking without the need for them to tell you,

know if they are lying to you, know their true intentions, if someone likes you or not, if they like or dislike you and even anticipate what someone is about to do. As incredible as it may seem, these and many other things can be achieved if you know how to read and interpret the non-verbal language of people.

This is possible, with the right knowledge you can begin to develop this ability, especially due to the difficulty of simulating and having total control of body language, that is, the gestures, postures and actions that we carry out with our body.

The practical benefits of knowing how to read non-verbal language are enormous, not only does it allow you to deduce the thoughts, feelings, intentions and attitudes of those with whom you interact, but it also helps you to be more aware of your own use of non-verbal language and thus be able to optimize it to become a more effective communicator, someone more confident and even be able to use this in your favor.


body language function
How to read and interpret people's body language
Gestures and meanings of body language
Learn to have confident body language
Tips for captivating body language
Body language mistakes that ruin your image
How to detect if a person likes you
Normally we do not pay attention to what our bodies reflect and for that same reason we do not have the ability to read other people, I invite you to explore this powerful idea and to recognize the enormous potential that this knowledge can bring to your life.

Product Details ISBN: 9798215022832
Publisher: Edward Collins
Publication Date: September 15th, 2022
Pages: 78
Language: English