Ulaanbaatar beyond Water and Grass: A Guide to the Capital of Mongolia (Paperback)

Ulaanbaatar beyond Water and Grass: A Guide to the Capital of Mongolia By M. A. Aldrich Cover Image

Ulaanbaatar beyond Water and Grass: A Guide to the Capital of Mongolia (Paperback)


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Ulaanbaatar beyond Water and Grass is the first book in the English language that takes the visitors to an in-depth exploration of the capital of Mongolia. In the first section of the book, M. A. Aldrich paints a detailed portrait of the history, religion, and architecture of Ulaanbaatar with reference to how the city evolved from a monastic settlement to a communist-inspired capital and finally to a major city of free-wheeling capitalism and Tammany Hall politics. The second section of the book offers the reader a tour of different sites within the city and beyond, bringing back to life the human dramas that have played themselves out on the stage of Ulaanbaatar. Where most guide books often lightly discuss the capital, Ulaanbaatar beyond Water and Grass A Guide to the Capital of Mongolia reveals much that remains hidden from the temporary visitor and even from the long-term resident. Writing in a quirky, idiosyncratic style, the author shares his appreciation and delight in this unique urban setting—indeed, in all things Mongolian. The book finally does justice to one of the most neglected cultural capitals in Asia.
M. A. Aldrich is a lawyer and author who has lived and worked in Asia for nearly thirty years. He has previously published The Search for a Vanishing Beijing A Guide to China’s Capital through the Ages and The Perfumed Palace Islam’s Journey from Mecca to Peking in addition to numerous articles on Chinese and Mongolian law. He is currently writing a book about Lhasa.
Product Details ISBN: 9789888208678
ISBN-10: 9888208675
Publisher: Hong Kong University Press
Publication Date: March 2nd, 2018
Pages: 312
Language: English
‘An authoritative introduction to Mongolia’s capital city. For first-time visitors or long-term academics, this is quite simply the best book available on Ulaanbaatar.’ —Jack Weatherford, author of Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World

‘Ulaanbaatar beyond Water and Grass will become as great a classic of travel literature for Central Asia as J. G. Links’s Venice for Pleasure was for Europe.’ —Adam Williams, author of The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure

‘Destined to become the quintessential introduction to Ulaanbaatar. Genghis Khan would have loved it.’ —Bill Porter, author of Road to Heaven Encounters with Chinese Hermits and Finding Them Gone Visiting China’s Poets of the Past