Approximation and Computation in Science and Engineering (Springer Optimization and Its Applications #180) (Paperback)

In recent years, extensive research has been conducted by eminent mathematicians and engineers whose results and proposed problems are presented in this new volume. It is addressed to graduate students, research mathematicians, physicists, and engineers. Individual contributions are devoted to topics of approximation theory, functional equations and inequalities, fixed point theory, numerical analysis, theory of wavelets, convex analysis, topology, operator theory, differential operators, fractional integral operators, integro-differential equations, ternary algebras, super and hyper relators, variational analysis, discrete mathematics, cryptography, and a variety of applications in interdisciplinary topics. Several of these domains have a strong connection with both theories and problems of linear and nonlinear optimization. The combination of results from various domains provides the reader with a solid, state-of-the-art interdisciplinary reference to theory and problems. Some of the works provide guidelines for further research and proposals for new directions and open problems with relevant discussions.

​Nicholas J. Daras is the Dean and professor of mathematics at the Hellenic Military Academy. He has authored over 70 articles, as well as several books and edited volumes. Professor Daras has received a "Best paper in mathematics Award" by the Academy of Athens. Daras is also the supervisor of several doctoral, master, and diploma theses.Themistocles M. Rassias is professor of mathematics at the National Technical University of Athens. His research interests include nonlinear analysis, global analysis, approximation theory, functional analysis, functional equations, inequalities and their applications. Professor Rassias received his PhD in mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley in 1976; his thesis advisor was Stephen Smale and his academic advisor was Shiing-Shen Chern. In addition to his extensive list of journal publications, Professor Rassias has published as author or volume editor several books published with Springer. Th.M. Rassias has received several awards and is an active editorial board member of an array of journals in mathematical analysis and optimization. His publications have received a large number of citations, with h-index 47.
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