The Pursuing and Pioneering Culture (Paperback)

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The Pursuing and Pioneering Culture (Paperback)


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From the various meanings of "culture", included in this book, it seems that all societies in turn attach importance to the subject. But...But from the author's point of view, this significant concept covers another implication that can be both studied and understood. He opens an alternative perspective to scrutinize culture after examining its various meanings detailed in encyclopedias and dictionaries, and so he detaches the content of culture from a specific individual or society, and uses this valuable term in two complementary concepts. The two concepts are: "leading culture and follower culture", which are with man from birth to the end of his life.In the distinct view of Allameh Mohammad Taqi Jafari on human being, it could be said: Considering culture as an attribute of human being, and a human being composed of two poles (intrinsic and extrinsic), it should be noted that in order to explore attributes of human beings, all aspects of man (material as well as spiritual) should be examined, for if not taken seriously, we will definitely have an incomplete definition and conclusion.But he is still disappointed by the games played on culture and the character and future of man, considering his presentation of such a comprehensive and compassionate plan to human societies. He has concerns, objecting to the rhetoric used about high definition of "culture". Jafari firmly brings down the whip of warning in this work as well as in his other works, and like other intellectuals sympathetic to the past and present of mankind, he emphasizes the harmful results, of playing with words and names, to the human society, while he quotes Jalal-al-din Muhammad Maulvi (Rumi) who says:

The road is smooth, and under it are pitfalls,

Amidst the names there is a dearth of meaning;

Words and names are like pitfalls,

The sweet (flattering) word is the sand for (the sand that sucks up) the water of our life. 1]

He mentions his sympathies and concerns not in order to propose an ideal prototype, but for a project that can be implemented in societies. But alas and thousands of alas... that most human societies lack caring administrators with divine and sincere intentions to implement such plans not in one society only, but in all of them.The author constantly warns, in this work, about lack of culture as well as deculturalization. He believes that if the administrations of the societies do not heed and take thoughtful actions, mankind will turn into "machine" and culture into "anti-culture", and the history of man and humanity and even the earth will end by the selfish and the profiteers.

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