No Women in Heaven: Illuminating Truths Intenebrated by Tradition (Hardcover)

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No Women in Heaven: Illuminating Truths Intenebrated by Tradition (Hardcover)


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No Women in Heaven: What does the title of this book connote? Is it that we have something against women? Not at all. Then why "no women" in heaven? Here is our thesis in brief.

Of two contentions embodied in our title, the first is simple biblical fact: No one goes to heaven at death. By the same token, no one goes to hell. The Bible teaches that death brings "sleep," and it is the analogue of your nightly slumber, except that you do not dream. And just as you awaken from a night's rest, so you awaken from the sleep of death. The Bible calls this "resurrection." You awaken in resurrection the same person you were when you fell asleep. This is the essential truth about death that the church, for the most part, quite ignores.

There will be two resurrections. The first is that of believers-Christians-who became followers of Christ in this life and who will be resurrected when Christ returns. The second resurrection comprises everyone else, a truly large event that takes place after the Millennium, the thousand-year rule of Jesus that commences upon His return to Earth. Revelation ties this resurrection to the great white throne and the judgment to take place at that event. Jesus states plainly that at this resurrection, some are raised to life, some to condemnation; the latter are cast into the lake of fire and consumed. This much is indisputable biblical truth; proof is set forth in the pages of this book.

As for "no women," this part of our thesis is inferred from a number of biblical details and is accordingly somewhat speculative; we do not present it as unchallengeable fact. But consider the first resurrection: Paul avers that believers will be "changed" resurrected as spirit-beings-no longer flesh and blood. Jesus observed that they will be "like the angels" and will not marry. Hence, there will be no need for sexuality. We have many references in the Bible to angels, and they are always spoken of as male, never as female.

We conclude, therefore, that resurrected believers will all be male in form, although without genitalia. There will thus be no "women" as such in the first resurrection, though many will be former women-but no longer female in form.

In contrast, at the second resurrection, all will be raised up in the flesh, male and female. But given that conventional wisdom consigns all of these to hell fire, the notion of "heaven" here lies outside the parameters of discussion. Thus, our logic is this: No one goes to heaven, and of those presumed (incorrectly) to be heaven-bound, none will be resurrected in female form. Hence, No Women in Heaven.

You probably should read the book, for there is a great deal more to the matters here adumbrated than just resurrection. We are talking especially about the Kingdom of God. For even if you are not a believer now, it is likely that you will become a citizen of that Kingdom-together with becoming a believer. God is, after all, unwilling that any should perish. A few truly evil persons will burn, of course, but the rest. . . .

Well, their future is nothing if not astonishing.

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