Dandadan, Vol. 10 (Paperback)

Dandadan, Vol. 10 By Yukinobu Tatsu Cover Image

Dandadan, Vol. 10 (Paperback)


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This is book number 10 in the Dandadan series.

A nerd must fight powerful spirits and aliens all vying for the secret power of his “family jewel,” so who better to fight alongside him than his high school crush and a spirit granny?!

Momo Ayase and Okarun are on opposite sides of the paranormal spectrum regarding what they’ll believe in and what they won’t. Their quest to prove each other wrong leads them down a path of secret crushes and paranormal battles they’ll have to participate in to believe!

To avoid being late for school on Vamola’s first day, Momo takes the mysterious kaiju girl on a shortcut through some off-limits ruins. But the spell she performs with Vamola for protection doesn’t work, and she runs into the slit-mouthed woman who resides there! The two narrowly escape, and it’s only later that Momo realizes the real danger they were in. So why is it that for Momo’s own safety, Seiko is now forbidding her from leaving her room after 10 p.m. for the next week?!
Yukinobu Tatsu debuted in Gekkan Shounen Magazine with Seigi no Rokugou (Rokugou of Justice). He has also worked as an assistant for manga artist Tatsuki Fujimoto on the well-known series Chainsaw Man and Fire Punch.
Product Details ISBN: 9781974749843
ISBN-10: 1974749843
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
Publication Date: December 17th, 2024
Pages: 194
Language: English
Series: Dandadan