Watercolor Workbook: Café in Bloom: 25 Beginner-Friendly Projects on Premium Watercolor Paper (Watercolor Workbook Series #3) (Paperback)

Watercolor Workbook: Café in Bloom: 25 Beginner-Friendly Projects on Premium Watercolor Paper (Watercolor Workbook Series #3) By Sarah Simon, Paige Tate & Co. (Producer) Cover Image

Watercolor Workbook: Café in Bloom: 25 Beginner-Friendly Projects on Premium Watercolor Paper (Watercolor Workbook Series #3) (Paperback)

Build your watercolor skills with confidence with these 25 beautiful and beginner-friendly new projects on premium watercolor paper!

From artist Sarah Simon, author of the bestselling Watercolor Workbook series, comes 25 new projects that will let you take an artistic journey through cozy cafés and blooming gardens.

This easy-to-use watercolor workbook is filled with unique and beautiful illustrations of flowers, nature, and café scenes that are ready for you to watercolor—no drawing skills required! Each page is specially designed with simple step-by-step instructions so you can easily and confidently paint each project and create artwork that matches the quality of the author's example.

Watercolor Workbook: Café in Bloom features:
• An introduction to fundamental watercolor techniques
• 25 beginner-friendly projects on thick, 200 gsm premium watercolor art paper—no color bleed-through!
• Beautiful artwork inspired by quaint cafés and blooming botanicals
• Easy-to-follow instructions, including suggested paint and paintbrush materials, so you can start painting today

Artist and author Sarah Simon, a.k.a. @themintgardener, has taught thousands of people how to paint with watercolor. Her first book Modern Watercolor Botanicals provides everything you need to know about the art of watercolor and, now in this new workbook in her bestselling Watercolor Workbook series, Simon offers 25 new watercolor projects that you can sit down and enjoy painting today!
Sarah Simon, aka @themintgardener, is a designer, artist, illustrator, and author of Modern Watercolor Botanicals, the Watercolor Workbook series, and The Plant Lady. Based in Seattle, Washington, Sarah creates and teaches lush watercolors inspired by the colors and textures in her urban garden.
Product Details ISBN: 9781958803608
ISBN-10: 195880360X
Publisher: Paige Tate & Co
Publication Date: May 28th, 2024
Pages: 88
Language: English
Series: Watercolor Workbook Series
"Sarah Simon’s watercolor workbooks are a delight! Sarah is a thorough teacher, giving you information on all supplies, techniques, and color mixing. The pictures in the workbook are gorgeous and the step-by-step breakdown makes it easy for watercolorists of all levels." 
—Lindsey Marts, watercolor student

"Sarah Simon, the queen of painting botanicals in watercolor and gouache, has done it again with her third book in the Watercolor Workbook series, Café in Bloom. Sarah strikes the perfect balance between learning and play, supporting every artist to enjoy the art of watercolor and paint without stress with well-thought-out instructions, color recipes, and unique projects. Sarah’s approachable guidance is refreshing and both a beautiful introduction for watercolor beginners and a calming retreat for intermediate to advanced painters alike."
—Shari from @withloveandwatercolor

"Café in Bloom invites you to learn, play, and explore watercolors with Sarah Simon as your guide. Clear instructions and visuals make this book accessible and fun, wherever you are in your watercolor journey. I can’t wait to pick up my brushes and start again!"
—Megan, watercolor student

"I love the European feel of her latest book! It transports me to city streets, gardens, and cafés!"
—Aurelie Trier, watercolor student

"Sarah Simon has an extraordinary ability to bring magic into your life with her art! Café in Bloom transports you into her world of serene botanicals and reminds you that the best things in life are the little things: a comforting cup of tea, colorful spring flowers, fresh produce from the farmer’s market, and the stillness of early mornings."
—Su Yin Khor, artist, scholar, and writer

"Sarah’s watercolor workbook, Café in Bloom transports you to a quaint town abroad! Her designs are very creative and unique to say the least. It allows you, the artist to make her designs your own, or to follow her lead. Sarah’s directions are very precise and helpful, not only to a beginning artist but to those of you who want a challenge in furthering your abilities."
—April Ahuna Goetz

"Sarah has a gift of simplifying and making accessible the watercolor skills to make your own beautiful washes, and they’re included here, in her easy-to-understand, step-by-step methods. This third watercolor workbook has lovely, attractive, and fun projects (on real watercolor paper) that will leave you feeling accomplished no matter what your experience AND… wanting more!"
—Carol M. Cummins, calligrapher and “budding" watercolorist

"Café in Bloom, the third in Sarah’s Watercolor Workbook Series, is another fun and delightful example of her approachable style to watercolor painting. Sarah discusses general watercolor painting methods and techniques and her love of teaching and painting shines throughout the pages of this book. The variety of illustrations, color mixing examples, and freedom to play make this the perfect watercolor book to meet each artist where they are in their creative journey."
—Melissa E.

"Sarah’s beautiful lines, easy-to-follow color recipes, and gentle teaching style combine to make learning to paint in watercolor a relaxing and joyful experience. This is my third watercolor workbook and I love each one more than the last. Sarah’s modern floral style and delightful snippets of her travels abroad make Café in Bloom a charming creative journey." 
—Stephanie Davidson

"Sarah's warm, engaging, and accessible teaching style emanates from each page... Café in Bloom feels like a gentle spring breeze, refreshing, relaxing and gently welcoming one to savor the experience"
—Rachel Ritter, watercolor student

"Wherever you are in your painting journey, Sarah is ready to meet you there with her delightful series of workbooks. As a member of her Flower Painting Club, I’ve had a chance to sit and paint with her and her book is exactly like her: inviting, engaging, friendly, and approachable. Dive in, make mistakes, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting another copy for later to see how you’ve grown because, with Sarah’s guidance, you will do just that!"
—Autumn Eden-Goodman

“This book is great for anyone looking to start or deepen their watercolor practice. Sarah does a wonderful job of breaking down the processes in a truly accessible way. Sarah’s kindness comes through every part of the explanations and makes this book a joy to work through.”
—Courtney Clark

“With this book, you dive into the wonderful world of Sarah’s beautifully curated cafes! The food, mood, and detailing are fun and yet quintessential Sarah! The Parisian chic wonder with gorgeous architectural details reminds me of European urban life, a classic always! To allow yourself to explore these pages in watercolor is a gift, almost a time travel to escape, right at your studio! What a gift to the world, Thank you, Sarah!”
—Radha Hayagreev

"Sarah Simon has such a special gift as an artist! Through her watercolor workbooks, I have found the courage to try watercolor painting and a deep appreciation for my journey as a beginner. Each page is an invitation for me to explore and create something beautiful. I love everything about this workbook, from Sarah’s approachable style to the cafe-themed sketches. Such a gem!"
—Angela Joyner

"This book makes me want to grab a cozy blanket and tea and get lost in painting for the afternoon. I love that Sarah always includes her signature botanicals, but each book explores another theme. She takes us on that journey with her, this time with all the things we love about a café. Her books are truly meant for everyone, with simple instructions and some gentle nudges to take on a challenge regardless of your level of experience. I hope people enjoy it as much as I do!"
—Jayme Ingram