Judo and its use in Hand-to-Hand Combat (Paperback)

Judo and its use in Hand-to-Hand Combat By William H. Caldwell Cover Image

Judo and its use in Hand-to-Hand Combat (Paperback)


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Judo and its use in Hand-to-Hand Combat is one of many World War II "Combatives" instruction series created by various part of the United States Armed Forces in order to effectively train soldiers in hand-to-hand combat.

This unique work was written by William H. Caldwell, a member of the famous Navy "Seabees", United States Naval Construction Battalions.

This no-nonsense straightforward manual covers many personal combat situations and takes the principles of Judo and applies those techniques in a way that makes them suitable in a self-defense scenario.

Many different defenses against weapons are discussed along with the more traditional Judo techniques. Knife and gun techniques especially are covered in great detail and are techniques you would not see in a 'standard' Judo text.

Along with over 80 photographs, this manual is a welcome addition to any martial arts collection

From the Introduction

In the word "Ju Jitsu," "Ju" is Japanese for "gentle," "pliant" or "yielding" and "Jitsu" is Japanese for "art." The two words mean "gentle art" or "yielding art." This does not mean that Ju Jitsu is non-resistant. In practice, it is self-defense and counter-attack. But instead of meeting an onslaught directly, you use your strength against that of your opponent. You submit-or pretend to submit-in order to gain a calculated advantage over this opponent. You should maneuver him into such a position that his strength and momentum will work to his own undoing. You aim, in other words, at a maximum result with a minimum of effort.

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