A Guide to Judo Grappling Techniques (Paperback)

A Guide to Judo Grappling Techniques By Takumi Ohashi Cover Image

A Guide to Judo Grappling Techniques (Paperback)


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In Judo the art of throwing is spectacular, whereas the art of grappling on the floor is less dramatic. Many judoka are good throwers, but very few know all the tricks of grappling. To be a true Judo player one must be equally proficient in both these arts, which are complementary to each other.

Grappling is an important art which has many things in common with wrestling. It is extremely advantageous to learn this art in order to be competent and competitive in the sport of Judo. If one is strong in this art, it is possible to obtain a victory against an opponent even though one's throwing is inferior to that of the opponent.

For any Judoka looking to bring their 'Newaza' or groundwork to the next level, Takumi Ohashi, M. D. provides a compelling and detailed explanation of various methods and techniques helpful to any practioner of Judo. Readers with some prior practical and theoretical knowledge of the art of Judo and reasonable familiarity with its Japanese and English terminology will get the most use out of this text.

Originally published in 1958 the scope of the book is confined to an exposition and a clarification of Katamewaza as well as medical implications associated with various techniques. Osaekomiwaza or Immobilization Holds, Shimewaza or Shiboriwaza otherwise known as Necklocks, and Kansetsuwaza or Dislocation Locks or Holds are covered.

Along with over 80 illustrations all the techniques in this book are described in detail and represent invaluable knowledge and insight into the study of Newaza.

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