The Game of Ju-Jitsu (Paperback)

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The Game of Ju-Jitsu (Paperback)


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Originally published in 1906, "The Game of Ju-Jitsu" is an accomplished work by two of the great Judoka of all time. In simple, precise, and declarative descriptions, the key elements of Ju-Jitsu are explained as well as the many improper applications (Faults), that can take place in a common match.

Along with over 90 illustrations and photographs many current techniques as well as techniques no longer used in traditional Judo matches are covered. Falling exercises, Standing work, Simple and Advanced Throws, Groundwork, Hold-downs, and a variety of Locking techniques are covered.

Both of the authors (Taro(Taruji) Miyake & Yukio Tani) were early proponents of teaching Jujutsu techniques to Western students.

Miyaki started his training under Fusen-ryu Jujutsu ground-fighting Newaza master Mataemon Tanabe, as well as Osaka master Yataro Handa and is credited for helping establish Judo in the United Kingdom at the start of the 20th century. Miyake toured through spectacles and music halls, defeating many of the best wrestlers of the time and engaging in open all-comers challenge matches.

Tani was a pioneering Japanese Jujutsu and Judo instructor and professional challenge wrestler, notable for being one of the very first Jujutsu stylists to teach and compete outside of Japan. On stage Tani was known as the "pocket Hercules" and was famous throughout all levels of London society.

In 1904, Tani and Miyake opened the Japanese School of Jujutsu that was located at 305, Oxford Street W, London.

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