Luck Follows the Brave: From Refugee Camps, Abuse, and Suicide Loss to Living the Dream (Paperback)

Luck Follows the Brave: From Refugee Camps, Abuse, and Suicide Loss to Living the Dream By Aida Šibić, Laura L. Bush (Editor) Cover Image

Luck Follows the Brave: From Refugee Camps, Abuse, and Suicide Loss to Living the Dream (Paperback)


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As a teenager in Bosnia, Aida Šibić witnesses the horrors of war. She and her family leave loved ones behind as they flee religious persecution and ethnic cleansing, escaping to refugee camps, then fleeing to America. They must live on government assistance while learning to communicate and support themselves. Aida soon discovers her love of technology, which paves the way to her financial independence and successful career in cybersecurity.

But Aida's personal dreams-a happy family, a loving husband-often feel out of reach. In the U.S., she laughs again, experiences romance, and travels. With war seemingly behind, Aida recounts the long-term effects trauma left on her family. As a domestic and emotional abuse survivor, Aida fights to provide safety and stability for her two children. She writes about the tragic loss of a close family member to suicide, sharing vital information about suicide prevention and helping other survivors feel less alone.

Aida's story demonstrates Bosnian "Inat," a term for stubborn and determined desire to persevere despite all obstacles. Ultimately, she lifts up her family, celebrates her Islamic heritage, and lives a life of strength and joy. Readers will be amazed by this profound, heartwarming portrait of courage. If you like inspirational stories of strong women, Luck Follows the Brave tells a triumphant story of surviving and thriving amid extreme adversity.


Young children are filled with wonder. As children in Bosnia, we all had our hopes and dreams. We believed in magic with childlike innocence and created grand plans for the future. Like kids everywhere, my Bosnian friends and I aspired to be teachers, athletes, artists, astronauts, entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors and scientists. None of us ever dreamed of becoming genocide and abuse survivors, Muslim refugees in America and single parents raising two kids on their own, with no family to lean on, while coping with the grief of suicide loss.

Yet here I am. That has been my life in a nutshell. But my life has also been so much more. Along with tragedy and trauma, I've experienced love and laughter, great friendship, and career success. I have two beautiful children whom I love more than life itself. I've traveled to many beautiful parts of the world, eaten and prepared delicious foods, listened to great music, and danced with friends. In short, I've lived life in all its sadness and glory, and I'd like to think I've learned a few things along the way.

In 1995, my family and I became Refugees from Bosna i Hercegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina). If sharing my story helps even a single person find their way out of darkness, it will have been worth writing. -Aida Sibic


For anyone struggling with abuse-substance, physical, emotional, or verbal-I hope you find strength and inspiration to persevere and fight the good fight.

National Domestic Violence Hotline or 1-800-799-3224

For anyone struggling with mental health issues, I hope reading my story helps you find your way out of darkness.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or 1-800-273-8255

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