Linux: Linux Command Lines and Shell Scripting (Paperback)

Linux: Linux Command Lines and Shell Scripting By Andy Vickler Cover Image

Linux: Linux Command Lines and Shell Scripting (Paperback)


When you search for a book on Linux programming, you are aiming to get the best deal. In a technological world that is progressing quickly, you need to understand Linux. The question is whether you can carve out enough time to read lengthy books on Linux that are filled to the brim with a lot of unnecessary details and jargon and take a great a deal of time to read and understand.

You need a book that is clear, concise, and easy to digest, and now you have one Imagine having a book that you can finish on a two hours flight. That's a promise This book guarantees to save you time and is written clearly and concisely. You will find Linux commands and brief explanations that are easy to digest and you'll be able to practice them on the go.

If you have an interview at an IT firm in a few days and you are learning Linux from scratch, this book will help you learn the commands and scripting techniques and understand them quickly. You can review the entire book in a single day, learn new things, or refresh your memory of long forgotten, but important commands.

In this book you will discover...

- A detailed overview of the origins of the Linux operating system

- How to install the Linux operating system

- Linux commands and shell scripting

- File navigation commands

- Directory navigation commands

- Keyboard tricks and shortcuts

- Completion commands and how to search the history

- An overview of the most prominent Linux editors

- The most important commands to operate editors like a pro

- Linux shell scripting techniques, including if-then statements, the for loops, the while loops, and the until command.

- Lots of basic shell script examples

- An A to Z table filled with useful Linux commands, with syntax and a description.

Now is your chance to learn Linux command lines and shell scripting with ease. This book will remove the mystery and confusion and you'll be left with knowledge and expertise to implement shell scripting and command lines easily.

Product Details ISBN: 9781955786447
ISBN-10: 1955786445
Publisher: Ladoo Publishing LLC
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2023
Pages: 176
Language: English
Series: Linux